They asked the president to reveal whether there is a program for treating addiction officials

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in the middle Questions and Uncertainties surrounding President Gustavo Petro’s health – Some cases are added to it, like the case of your ex-ambassador Armando Benedetti, who admits some difficulties in beverage consumption– , this Thursday from Congress Towards president of the republic Reveal if there is any agreement to deal with officials who make any demands Addiction to psychoactive substances or alcohol.

Behind the petition is opposition representative Christian Garcés. Democratic Center, Who makes a formal request by filing a petition with the Presidential Administration (Dapre).

According to members of Congress, “they are Notorious and very worrying” President Gustavo Petro’s constant absence from confirmed events and sudden changes in the agenda. Accordingly, he cited news reports stating that, “Petro has violated his agenda 82 times” The Second Reason for the President’s Absence It was due to illness.

“Although their main reason Absence is the fulfillment of a “private agenda” His increasing frequency of disappearing from public places raises the question Assuming their health is suboptimal These, in turn, do not allow the full exercise of heads of state and government’ said the resource.

They were even raised Statement by Armando Benedetti, Petro’s former aide who suggested the president should have a Suspected drug problem.

For this reason, think The president’s health is a matter of national order Garces asks the president to inform him, in addition to whether a deal exists There are supplements for officials, Does the President of the Republic have an epidemiological surveillance system.

Also, disclose What methods and mechanisms does the Bureau have? Pre-Republic Medical Risk Factors drug addictionif Petro is immersed in some Epidemiological Surveillance System There are some risk factors, and some medical or psychological risk condition This prevents him from carrying out his constitutional functions.

they have exceeded President Gustavo Petro stood up 80 times Businessmen, social leaders, foreign leaders, military personnel, members of Congress, magistrates, mayors, etc.; and No one knows exactly what it is. But his health is believed to be failing and a group of MPs proposed Three experts were selected to evaluate it.

Happened throughout the year There are few reasons for their absence. According to the Palace report, they were stomachache, and a few times they say you doubt Coronavirus They also diagnosed him with acute bronchitis, but now that question appears to be a state secret, since no one at Casa Nariño has an answer anymore.

Few dare to give a diagnosis or opinion about health the first president, but the one who had no problem doing it was Ingrid Betancourt. The former senator said in an interview with Semana magazine that the president Having “depression or addiction” issues.

It’s not the first time she’s said that, as she told him during the 2022 presidential debate that she visited and met him during her tenure as diplomatic attache in Brussels “Very depressed, lying on the floor, unable to move’. The President replied to Betancourt on X (formerly Twitter), telling him it was a The ‘Bad Guy’ You Wish You Never Met He was only slandered.

this sunday, Petro has referred to the so-called addictive behavior In an interview with Cambio, they asked him about the audio Armando Benedetti accuses him of drug problem.Petro is sure Benedetti has a feeling of jealousy because people like Laura Sarabia and Roy Barreras have more powers He is the ambassador to Venezuela and recorded the audio mentioning that the former diplomat might be in a state of intoxication. “I’ve asked him to take care of himself mentally. drunk what? We don’t know, he’s shown he’s frustrated,” the president said.

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