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rise. The reason for the high price of lemons is that the supply is scarce and the fields are affected by climatic phenomena.Photo: Republic

food stall “Blue Sea” You should have raised the price of ceviche. “At least 2 soles, but people don’t want to pay and we have to reduce our profits,” warns business owner Madeleine RR

street trader Octavio Muñoz Najar (fencing) He doesn’t know how long the dish can be kept at S/10 if a kilogram of lemons reaches S/20 (that is, an increase of 100%).

Citrus is the main product of this main dish, but its price has been the standout for more than a week.low irrigation yield Mahesh Not enough of the region, the fruit was brought from the jungle and the north of the country, showing Daniel Lozada, president of the SADA Agricultural Association of Arequipa.

Madeleine recalls that the lemon problem wasn’t the first time it came up. Its price also rose to S/40 in 2017, he noted. Back then, unscrupulous merchants used the industrial compound acetic acid in place of citrus.

Emiliana Aro Retamozo, Head of Food Hygiene and Zoonoses, Regional Health Administration, Arequipa (Greça), The warning said the same could happen today. No direct complaints, but people who have eaten ceviche in recent days have had some discomfort.

Experts explained that it has a vinegar-like scent but is irritating and corrosive. It affects the throat, stomach and esophagus. “If acid is constantly consumed, it can lead to gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining),” he warns. Arrow insisted that if the ingredient was used, it would be detectable, such as a change in the flavor and color of the ceviche, darkening it.

The official stated that the district and municipal governments have the obligation to Take control of these food businesses. He suggests taking unexpected action. Given the current situation, Losada believes that product shortages are the result of ineffective reductions in the cost of fertilizers and pesticides.

No solution in sight after lemon shortage

  • Daniel Lozada questions the government’s measures to import more lemons. “There are no better lemons in the world than this country,” he added. He believes that in the face of the global emergency caused by climate change, there are also product shortages in neighboring countries. He added that there was no short-term solution, as lemon trees take about four years to grow.

Why is the price of Peruvian lemons rising?

According to Elmer Viera, the leader of the San Lorenzo Valley (Piura), the increase in lemon prices is due to the fact that the rains have caused the plants to flower very little, resulting in a lower production.

“this rainy They have completely affected us farmers. Reports of pests appearing on the plants have resulted in fruit being unloaded and prices are now skyrocketing,” he noted.

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