They began to apply the third dose for everyone and without a shift – News

As of this Wednesday, the third booster dose began in Córdoba, without a previous shift, to people of all ages who received the second vaccine at least 6 months ago.

As reported by the provincial Ministry of Health, this dose is independent of the completed primary scheme.

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They must go to the vaccination center with their ID and vaccination card. In the case of minors, they must be accompanied by their mother, father or dependent adult, both with their personal identification.

They will be able to attend any of the vaccinations authorized throughout the province. For more information about these centers, availability of vaccines, days and hours of attention, you can consult the page of the Ministry of Health.

Gabriela Barbás, Secretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of Córdoba, told Chain 3: “They can go directly to the vaccination center. They do not have to wait for any message. If the second dose was placed six months ago, from Wednesday they can go directly to be vaccinated.”

In this sense, he highlighted the importance of vaccination: “Given the new variants, it is important to have the widest possible coverage, with 90% or 95% of the complete scheme. No shifts are needed or there are long queues.”

Second dose to minors

On the other hand, the application is also enabled without a previous shift and on demand of the second dose for those under 18 years of age, provided that the minimum time stipulated for each type of vaccine is respected.

In this sense, the minimum intervals between doses of homologous schedules -second dose the same vaccine used as the first one- depends on each vaccine: 21 days for Sputnik V, Pfizer and Sinopharm; 28 days for Moderna and 8 weeks for AstraZeneca.

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In this way, the vaccination strategy against Covid-19 in the province of first, second and third doses is enabled for all age groups, without a previous shift and on demand, in any of the authorized vaccinations.

To consult about the main guidelines that the vaccination campaign has today, you can enter the website of the health portfolio.

Although progress is being made in the mass vaccination strategy, the Ministry of Health recalled that Prevention measures such as proper use of the chinstrap, adequate ventilation, frequent hand washing, and distancing must continue to be maintained.

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