They boost hepatitis and tetanus vaccinations for those affected by the frontal lobe system

Some 200 residents of Santa Cruz have been vaccinated against hepatitis and tetanus in recent days. This follows a recent frontal system affecting the south-central part of the country.

Seremi Carolina Torres of O’Higgins Regional Health, who traveled to the municipality of Colchagüina to boost vaccinations, noted: “We are in Don Bosco. ) in the La Patagüilla area of ​​the town, bringing the vaccinated population closer to those who need it most. Influenced by this frontal lobe system (…) we have always guaranteed vaccines to our neighbors who need them.

He added: “We are providing this benefit and will continue to do so in the same way and hopefully in the next few days we will be able to provide comprehensive coverage for those who come into contact with sewage to reduce the risk of hepatitis .”

Finally, Torres insisted that the distribution of these vaccines was carried out through the National Immunization Program and that “not only vaccines for hepatitis, but also tetanus when required, in addition to influenza and pneumonia vaccines23”.

Notably, 189 of 873 doses were administered on Saturday, leaving 684 doses remaining. As for doses for children, 34 out of a total of 225 doses have been administered.

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