“They called me from Boca” and a tremendous anecdote with Palermo

In a talk in which he reviewed his entire career as a player, Diego Cagna he also took time to analyze the present of Mouth and confessed that from the current leadership headed by Juan roman riquelme they tempted him to take a position as a field assistant to Sebastián Battaglia (today DT de la Primera), when the latter was assigned to direct the Reserve.

Cascini called Cagna to join Battaglia's coaching staff.

Cascini called Cagna to join Battaglia’s coaching staff.

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The call of Boca

“Raúl (Cascini) called me to go when they caught in Boca (late 2019) to be Seba’s (Battaglia) assistant but I said no. If he leaves to work at the club, he would have no problems as well. Must see. I have no problem with Seba, he is a phenomenon. He has improved the team since he caught. It is clear that the team has made another determination on the field. Perhaps with Miguel, it was more to be expected and with Sebastián the team is more protagonist, which is what one wants from Boca. Over there, in the last games he did not do very well but he has done good things, “Diego started on ESPN Show.

Battaglia took the Primera de Boca in August, after the departure of Miguel Ángel Russo, and those who are accompanying him in the current coaching staff as field assistants are Juan Krupoviesa and Mariano Herrón.

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In addition, Cagna spoke of the opportunities that are being offered to the boys of Inferiores in recent months, something that goes against a historical policy of the club, which was always a buyer: “Vázquez is a serious thing. Sometimes they get desperate to bring a 9 and don’t realize that he has it there at the club. It is difficult to put a boy, but sometimes you can make them up. I like Medina, he is similar to me; I also like Almendra and after the little ones Zeballos and other boys, who lack a little more blank, but it is good that they are putting them “.

Cagna had two cycles on the Xeneize.

Cagna had two cycles on the Xeneize.

Cagna on the success of the Viceroy

On the other hand, the 49-year-old former midfielder who had two cycles at Boca and won the Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental in 2003 told what the great secret of Carlos Bianchi’s success was for him: “Bianchi knew who he had to put, I don’t know how he did. He did not marry anyone and he has proven it thousands of times. Whether you had a name or not, if I had to get you out, I would get you out. At first, on my return, I was questioned. They played Raúl (Cascini), Mati Donnet, Seba Battaglia, Villarreal “.

“One day we had played the first leg with Paysandú and we lost it in the Bombonera. The championship game comes and he tells me: ‘I’m not going to put you because I want you to be well for the Cup rematch.’ And he told me sincerely, he never lied to you. And then he put me with Paysandú and, from there, we won all that wonderful Cup that we did. What I always noticed was very good about him is that he knew how to handle groups. It’s very difficult to have twenty-odd guys well. And he always had them all well and happy, no one complained. “

The Viceroy and Diego Cagna.  Photo: ap / shizuo kambayashi.

The Viceroy and Diego Cagna. Photo: ap / shizuo kambayashi.

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More phrases by Cagna

Cagna also recalled how it was to have Diego Maradona and Riquelme as teammates: “Playing with Maradona, at a time when he was no longer in his splendor, he was not at his best, but you knew that the ball would be where it had to be at the right time. It was wonderful to play with him. You knew that when Diego had it, the ball was going to land where it had to. “

“Roman was not as attractive as Diego or Messi, not at that level, but he was that kind of player. I experienced Roman as a young man, when out there he was not in his splendor of intelligence or confidence. Being bigger and more confident, he made those footsteps in the final against Real Madrid. That of having it and putting up with it and not being able to take it out for a minute when I was younger I didn’t do it, I played simpler. He later got hold of that experience and it was what he was after. When he was with me he was an excellent player, but he did not have the confidence that later he had when he was older. “

Cagna was in the team that won Milan's 2003 world final in Japan.  Photo: ap / shizuo kambayashi.

Cagna was in the team that won Milan’s 2003 world final in Japan. Photo: ap / shizuo kambayashi.

And finally, he recalled an unmissable anecdote from his time at Villarreal, where he shared a squad with Martín Palermo: “Martín almost fought with the president because we lost in Barcelona and the coach (Víctor Muñóz) entered the locker room saying: ‘Come on, nothing happens, everything is fine.’ And we had lost by a landslide at the Camp Nou. What will not happen? Martin was hot. I was behind him and I knew something was going to happen. And a Three Kings Day, in which a gift is made there without knowing who gives it to you, The technician was given a tactics book and a toilet. Terrible. I always say that he was the worst coach I ever had. He would say things to you in reverse of what they have told you all your life. “

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