they caused a stir on Instagram !


On his account Instagram, Maeva Ghennam just booked a cliché nostalgic it was, with sultry in a bikini in the pool

It seems that Maeva Ghennam able to accept, the cold and the winter, in France. The pretty brunette, post a cliché-nostalgia in the last summer. Cliché, in which she appears to be, so unbearably hot in a bikini.


It seems that the time is far away, where we were in the sun on the white sand beaches or on the rocks. Where to spend it for us enough to wear with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts for the day. In fact, since a couple of months, and fortunately, the winter came and the cold makes now feel in the country. Well this does not seem to like some people. In Particular, Maeva Ghennam. In fact, those who booked without a doubt, a married couple with Sisika, just a cliché-nostalgia in a bikini.

A cliché, in the Maeva Ghennam thus, in a pool with pretty pigtails and blue roses. A photo, released by the young woman know that it lacked a lot of. In fact, the pretty brunette, accompanied, and thus his post with the following legend: “The summer is missing me, and you ? 💜 Beautiful Sunday and love 💖💖 “. We are also of the same opinion that the young woman. We are pleased that the summer is coming back !

Maeva Ghennam brings the whole world right by in a bikini

The charming Maeva Ghennam didn’t expect with so much feeling by the publication of these photos. In fact, all of his fans, also in the summer you are missingplease do not hesitate to comment on the cliché of the beautiful. All seem to agree that the heat must be quickly back in the country. But also, that their idol displayed, so sublime in a bikini:

“A bomb 💣. Too good, Maeva. But I adoooore. You’re just beautiful !! very nice, my life 💕. Heavy beautiful free to play game. free to play game.. The braids OMG💜💖💖👄❣. The braids suits you so well. The performance, but the performance. What a beauty ! “