They claim that Pablo Lyle’s wife sells cookies and sweets to support their children

Ana Araujo is the one who takes care of the maintenance of her two children with the help of the healthy dessert business

A few days ago, it was announced through a hearing in the Miami-Dade court that Pablo Lyle’s trial for the reckless homicide of a man will take place from March 4 to 15, 2021 , according to information provided by his attorney, Bruce Lehr .

However, it has been announced that his wife, Ana Araujo, is the one who takes care of the maintenance of their two children, which is why he has decided to start a healthy dessert business.

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Love being home!

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It was in the program ‘Here with you’, where the journalist Alex Kaffie revealed that the wife of the protagonist of “Mirreyes vs Godínez” returned to Mexico because the expenses in the United States are high, which is why she sells among her friends a series of healthy foods, with which she manages to support her two little ones.

“ Pablo Lyle’s wife has settled in Mexico for a long time, to be more exact in Mazatlán, and her situation is so fragile that for some time she has been selling cookies, donuts, pancakes, shortbread, all of this among her friends. which is very fashionable, keto has to bring forward the two creatures “, revealed the driver.

It should be noted that, for several years, Ana Araujo has become known as a successful businesswoman who has focused on healthy products, under the name Lyfe Market, the products are sold mainly in Mazatlán, Torreón, and Culiacán.


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