They come in the new year!: 14 and the children of all the famous who will be born, in the year 2020


Giovanna Ewbank, Fernanda Machado, Thiago Fragoso, and other international and national stars and starlets in the summer with the family will grow in size in the next year or so.

New year, new baby! After the birth of Mary, the original of Laura Neiva and Chay Suede, the 45 minutes of the second half of the year 2019, at the latest, we go to the children of the famous, you want to up to the year 2020.

We wish you already now a good time for the fathers and the mothers on the list, and you, the reader, and the reader can feel that joy just in the year.

Giovanna Ewbank

With this photo of the iconic Giovanna Ewbank announced that this month is the third month of pregnancy. A carrier of the presence of endometriosis, which can be noticed a fertility, and the actress that he was caught off-guard, but it is a time of great happiness. We don’t know the sex of the baby. Her and the Brazilian actor Bruno Gagliasso, are the parents of Titi, 6 years old, and the Ambassador, 5.

Giselle Itié

The actress is seven months pregnant and is expecting a child, as a result of a relationship with the actor William Winter. The Instagram of Giselle is filled with beautiful photos of the barrigão. To date little, there’s no name yet, just a nickname, a Baby unicorn, or #unicorn baby. Love it!

Thais Carla

Thais Carla, who made history by expected to be one of the first to win in a bold prominence in the media, is that the second daughter, Eva. She and her husband, Israel, are the parents of Maria Clara, two years old. Thais, the well, and is active in the social networkstake the opportunity and talk about the gordofobia during pregnancy and after the dance very much!

Fernanda Machado

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We have the envelope with the sex of the baby for about 2 weeks, lots of meditation, I have not opened the envelope! We wanted to open with family on Christmas eve, and it was well worth the wait, it was really something special, as a surprise, surrounded by love. And, I was right! When he found out that we have a baby, and he asked me why I have a brother, I explained to him that it was to use not be able. But since then, it has been said that, do you think it will be a boy, on Christmas eve, I asked him, why do you think that it’s a boy? And he said, mom, I think that it is a boy, and I know that it’s a boy! And he was right, “chrono trigger” is a baby, it is a pleasure, this is it! We are in the joy of it! 💙💙 👦🏻👶🏼 A lot of love for my boys! #gender review #love #babyboy #motherhood #ilovemyboys Thanks @on.creighton, helps you surprise us with, we love you all!

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The Brazilian actress, who is a woman in the United States, 15 weeks and has just announced that their second child will be another boy. Nan is already a mother, who After four years of marriage to Film producer Robert Riskin. “We have been blessed with the greatest miracle of all, again and again. It takes a little bit to tell the time, the pro is, that he was already a good plan, but it was filled with exceedingly great joy!”, based on your social networks.

Andressa Ferreira Miranda

The first born son-of-Thammy Miranda e Andressa Ferreira-coming soon! The couple, who have lived here, in the United States, submitted to artificial insemination by 2019 and announced the pregnancy in June of this year. The baby is a boy named Ben. Someone happy out there (outside of us), me on the series as a grandmother?

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon in October announced that she is expecting her second child with actor Ben Foster. The actress, best known for the series The 70’s Show and, more recently, a drug-dealer Alex Vause in the Orange is The New Blackit is the mother of their two-year-old. Their experience with motherhood has already made a book, You and I, as a mother, (“You and I, as a mother,” or, in free translation), is not readily available.

The Roman Novais

The DJ is P, and the doctor, Romana, Novais, if you were married at the beginning of the year, and are expecting their first child, Harrison. In December, the couple held a Cup of tea for Breakfast. The development is the second of the Romans who had lost a baby in may 2018, and the two of them, they hope to educate the children in the next few years.

Ana Beatriz Barros

The top model Ana Beatriz Barros, said in September that she and her husband, Egyptian businessman Karim El Chiaty, you become parents for the second time. The eldest son, Kareem, is the second anniversary on the 31. Day in December. The name of the small, yet have not revealed, and that the pregnancy is in the third quarter of the year. This is straight in the target!

Biah Rodrigues

In the model, and the country brand (from a dual-Fernando e Sorocaba) announced today the debate is still in its infancy, on the last day of the 13th of December and officially in the union, and soon after the 15. Judging by the social networks that seems to enjoy the couple a lot of the time. Congratulations to you all!

Anne Hathaway

The award-winning actress is waiting to see in July through Instagram, for a second child — she is the mother of John, was born at the end of 2016. In the post, in which he made the announcement, she spoke openly about how hard it is to be pregnant. “As you go through the hell of infertility and conception, please know that it is a straight line in each of my pregnant. My Love!!!”, You wrote, it has a total of 37 years of age.

Marian Uhlmann World

Marian, who recently took part in the soap opera The owner of the hillit is expected that by 2020, the third child, the actor Philip world. The couple is parents of Jake, 5 years old, and Maria, 2. The new part of the prole is named Vincent, a name that means that the winner, after the name of the baby.

Milla Jovovich

The famous actress is expecting her third little girl, the 44-year-old, she is already a mother to her 11-year-old, and Dashiel, 4. Two years ago, When she suffered a miscarriage (miscarriage), and she speaks openly and honestly about the difficulties of getting pregnant after 40. “When I pregnancy, found out, I experienced a mixture of emotions, ranging from utter joy in the heart. Due to my age and the last loss, I tried not to the baby too quickly,” he wrote on his Instagram. After this time, the barrigão it is still solid and strong, and we are in the crowd for his family. 🙂

Ana Paula Siebert

Sure, the Jews are even more of the little sister! The 64-year-old, the entrepreneur and presenter Roberto Justus is a father for the fifth time. The mother of Ana Paula Siebert, is the model that is married in the year 2015. Anna is pregnant, she is 18 weeks and expecting a little girl named Vicky. Your little girl is Ella the age similar to Manu, she was born the daughter Ticiane Pinheiro, the ex-wife of Justus, in the year.

Mariana Vaz

The actress and the actor-Thiago Fragoso, expressed in the vote of the year in which they expect their second child and a boy. The Program If You Play ItTV Globo, Thiago silva said that the couple wanted to be pregnant. They are the parents of Benjamin, 8 years old, and they are all smiles with the news. Best wishes for your friends and family!

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