They compared Cucuta’s goal against Real Cartagena to Cristiano Ronaldo’s legendary goal

Colombian football has those magical moments that any country’s league would love to have at some point.on this occasion It was Cucuta Coruña’s turn to steal the show with a goal similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s at Real Madrid.

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They compared Cucuta’s goal to Cristiano Ronaldo’s:

This incident occurred in the 11th round of the Colombian Football League Segunda División between Cúcuta and Real Cartagena. The match ended with a 2-0 goal from “Motilon”.

The first goal of the game came from Lucas Rios. In the 28th minute of the first half, he took advantage of the rebound left by the opponent’s goalkeeper’s powerful shot and accurately headed the ball.

Just over 20 minutes later, at the end of the first half, Real Cartagena received a corner kick in their favor, but it was wasted as an “athletic” defender cleared the ball.Although A defender from “Auriverdes” seemed to control the ball, he lifted it and let it “serve”.

Cucuta’s offensive player passed the ball at full speed and brought the ball into the penalty area.When everyone thought I was going to kick He passed the ball to Christian Mosquera who originally scored.

They record notes on social networks and compare Cristiano Ronaldo scored a very similar goal against Bayern Munich following a pass from Gareth Bale.

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Below we show you Cucuta’s goal against Real Cartagena and later we will remember Real Madrid’s goal:

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