They condemn Cabalinho Park for dyeing a firefighter to fight city fire

city ​​fire Register this Saturday at the rúa Brasil in the town of Carballiño, Showing the seams of two regional fire departmentsthey found themselves in the situation of Folga Claim improvements to provincial consortiathe governing body, attended by Xunta and their respective delegations.

In the case of Caballinho, only one firefighter from the Regional Park was on the scene, and he repaired the emergency area with the cooperation of civilian police and local police. I’m putting his integrity in jeopardy because of a shortage of menor professionally save the entire building, and secondly point out representatives of the two workers, the Corporations Committee and the Leisure Committee.

A fire in one house – thought to possibly be a light source or computer wiring – terrified neighbors and incidentally caused us material damage.

Union criticizes that a firefighter has to face emergencies, not “Maximum Stress” Situationand any operating conditions”unacceptable and insulting to our professionin the face of the passivity of the Hoon Tower and the delegation”, the government accused them of “negligent and irresponsible attitude”.

The Folga committee called the situation “intolerable” The instability of the two fire departments, which only effectively “violated all safety standards with impunity, Overexposing the lives of firefighters and forcing tension and a lack of control Impossible to assume na soidade”.

or support, 45 minutes

Caballinho firefighters had to be treated by the health department. “Atop has a house in Chamas, the evacuation is not under its controland more than 45 minutes away from the nearest supporting fire brigade (Xinzo de Limia), Complaint or Commission.

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