They condemn the poor quality of food provided to students at a school in Chubut Province – ADNSUR

A group of parents at School 210 in Baden Town Esquelto file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, since they will give him The food in the cafeteria spoiled for students to eat.

Noelia, the mother of one of the affected students, reported that the children were eating reheated food. “It’s the chicken stew from the day before and they add the stew they made that day”, reported in the conversation Channel 4.

The complaint was submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office together with photographs confirming what happened on 11 August.Introduced by several studentsStomach odor, vomiting, and gastroenteritis After eating in the school cafeteria.

The complaint was made over food eaten by students in the school canteen.

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The mother questioned that the administrators had not been officially informed of what had happened since they had learned from the children and from publications on social networks.

directors of the institution, Ruth WookExplained that for lunch they serve chicken rice and although the supplier delivered the ingredients the same day and they were frozen, at some point they might be out of the cold chain.

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