They confirm imported measles case in ACT

what happened?

Seremi de Salud of the metropolitan area confirms Imported measles cases.

The infectious disease was found in a patient 42 years old who travels during july armeniain Asia, for academic reasons.

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At present, the health department is carrying out corresponding epidemiological investigations to identify the contacts of the patients and carry out vaccinations.

It is worth noting that measles transmission in Chile was interrupted in 1993 and the disease was detected only in imported cases.

“The case belongs to a high-risk group born in the country 1971 and 1981 who did not receive two doses of the vaccine, or who did not develop the disease,” Seremi elaborated.

What are the symptoms of measles?

Measles is an acute, highly contagious viral disease that spreads from person to person through the air.

The first symptoms are: Fever, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, cough, and small spots The mucous membranes on the inside of the cheeks are whitish.

“Between days three and seven, a rash appeared, with blotches starting on the face and spreading to the rest of the body,” they detail in the serum.

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