They confirm sea lions in Necochea died of bird flu – El Chorrillero

Updated: 08/25/2023 10:08

The National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) confirmed that more than 40 sea lions that died in Necochea were due to bird flu.

Analysis of specimens recovered from the beach area around Keken Harbor indicated that the specimens died from an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5.

Likewise, authorities at the agency reported that animals showing flu-like symptoms had been found elsewhere, so they asked to restrict movement in the area.

In this sense, the areas of Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Necochea, Viedma and Mar del Plata stand out.

They made a plea to Senasa: “Strongly urge not to enter the affected beach areas, avoiding these areas will help reduce the risk of contagion.”

Pending more research, they explain the risks and ask that both humans and domestic animals not approach the diseased specimen because “it is very dangerous and will facilitate its spread”.

Finally, they noted that anyone who finds an animal in poor condition should not approach it, and called on authorities to “minimize contagion”. (North America)

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