They confirm that Argentina is now bird flu free

this World Organization for Animal Health (WHO) confirmed argentina Reverted to bird flu-free country.

To do so, it verified the reports prepared by the agency with what was published on its official website. National Produce Health and Quality Service (Senasa) in which he declares himself Argentina becomes HPAI-free countryAfter the end of the last commercial bird outbreak, follow the recommendations of international organizations.

“In terms of international trade, OMSA verifies and publishes health status reports that Argentina is free from the disease, with the aim of Restore our country’s export market”’, Senasa emphasized.

Bird flu: Additional $450 million distributed to affected producers

Global recognition of avian influenza

Senasa presents to OMSA the Detailed documentation of all health actions taken since the outbreak that supported and maintained Argentina’s status as a disease-free country.

“More than 28 days have passed since the completion of the depopulation mission, including final disposal and cleaning of the affected farms, Last of 18 highly pathogenic bird flu outbreaks registered in the country has been closed’, recalls Senasa.

In addition, the Department of Health emphasized that Since June this year, according to epidemiological monitoring, no new poultry outbreaks have been found.

Only the first cases in mammals were on time Dead sea lions in Tierra del Fuego and Rio Negrobut this does not affect these programs.

In this sense, the document prepared by Senasa’s National Animal Health Authority (DNSA) describes the measures taken since the incident was confirmed. First outbreak in February 2023slaughter and disinfection operations, and the epidemiological surveillance performed, which support free state status under Article 10.4.6 of the OMSA Terrestrial Animal Health Act.


Also added Senasa-, which works Recognition of HPAI divisions and commodity destination countries continues to be positive and prioritizedto stabilize the trade of our country’s products to the greatest extent, while taking into account the possibility of new outbreaks.

Furthermore, the agency recalled that, The state of health emergency remains in effect through the implementation of epidemiological surveillance and prevention tasks across the country.

It should be remembered that it is mandatory Notify before Senasa If high mortality, neurological, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms in susceptible species are observed in wild birds or commercial or backyard poultry, the following sources can be used:

  • by attending in person Senasa Office closest.
  • Call up 11 5700 5704
  • pass Mobile device application “Senasa Notifications”available on the Play Store;
  • write email:
  • through this section Notify Senasaavailable on their website.

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