They confirmed that a sea lion killed in Necochea was infected with bird flu

Argentine sea lion dies from bird flu

Sea lion carcasses have been found in several Argentine cities, sanitation protocols have been activated, so National Produce Health and Quality Service (Senasa) Tissue analysis was performed to confirm the presence of bird last New marine mammal outbreaks confirmed in Buenos Aires and Santa CruzAmong them, two sea lions from Punta Loyola and 16 sea lions from Necochea died from the highly pathogenic avian influenza (IAAP) H5 virus.

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So far, the agency has dealt with four notifications about sea lions (Otaria flavescens): the first two were negative, but the third, which occurred in Antarctica and in the Rio Grande province of Tierra del Fuego, an island in the South Atlantic Ocean, was the first positive. Case. Among this species; the fourth was identified a few days ago in the Rio Negro Punta Bermeja Nature Reserve.

All operations are carried out jointly with local municipalities, authorities and provincial institutions.Within the framework of the declaration of a state of emergency by the HPAI – Resolution Senasa Decree 147/2023, aimed at preventing the disease from occurring in the region and avoiding outbreaks.

in addition, Senasa he reported Recent detection in marine mammals does not affect self-declared animal health status to the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA), Argentina considered free of HPAI in poultry.

Dead sea lions were found in Mar del Plata and Kaiken on Wednesday, with 15 sea lions dead in Kaiken, according to staff. Senasaa sample was taken and sent to Martinez’s laboratory on Thursday, but the analysis has not yet been completed.

Currently, the authorities They ask to avoid contact with sea lions and to report cases of carcasses of the same sea lions or any animal showing symptoms For example, uncoordinated movements, nervous disorders, respiratory symptoms, nasal cavity and even abundant saliva secretion. There may be obsessive-compulsive disorder and dyspnea.

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