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quote one billion, Who knows who will be the first musician to be able to surpass that figure of Uncle Scrooge during the tour. The No. 1 candidate is Taylor Swift: the American pop star has been on the road with her for a few weeks Eras Tour 60 dates between the United States and South America, 44 songs in over three hours (how boring, not because it’s Taylor Swift, how boring are concerts of that period) a career that relied on ten albums and a subscription Has an almost religious fan following. Expected grosses of approximately $600 million which will require the addition of dates in Europe that have not yet been announced. And now the record is obtainable. Meanwhile, after pre-sales crashed Ticketmaster’s system with 14 million requests for the 2.6 million available seats, resulting in cancellations of coupons, the star erupted in anger and apologized to the platform, alleging a monopoly by consumers. Gone and due to the intervention of the US Congress.

– Vasco Rossi and Luciano Ligabue (pictured below): these are the Italian actors who lead the box office in 2022

a super billboard

2023 is the year of live music. And with warmer weather, this phenomenon becomes even more pronounced. This summer has a schedule full of concerts overlapping on the same day and even in the same city that will force fans to make painful choices.
The pandemic has changed our paradigms. Since we understand that this is the moment we lose what makes us feel good, there is less room for compromise on quality of life. if we are convinced that a good or service improves our well-being We have a credit card (and patience, given the virtual queues) ready or a piggy bank that we put money in installments to break even to bear the cost. “After the pandemic, I think two trends can be identified,” underlined Stefano Leonetti, CEO of Ticketone, Italy’s leading platform for ticket sales. The first is that maybe we are tired of always being in front of a smartphone screen and we want to do something real: In a concert you dance, sing and why not, you stink too. And then There is a more general trend of turning consumption towards the leisure sector, from food to holidays and cultureTo”.

– Luciano Ligabue

bring life to the stage

A concert is a unique experience, one that can be lived in the moment (probably avoiding selfies and burst videos) and with someone next to you (even if their armpits are heavy and they spill beer on us) AND LIVE SHOWS Let’s not have that scary experience. the streaming experience in a pandemic (yet one gets excited in front of Coachella and Primavera watched on a computer); recreates a physical connection with music that has become immaterial; puts the artist back in place, at the top, after umpteen stories In which he is seen yawning in his underwear or posting the umpteenth Street Barker Hustler.

– Bruce Springsteen, one of the historical artists who leads the ranking of all-time favorite artists

The numbers confirm the trend, In the first three months of the year, the results of the two world (and also Italian) groups leading in the production of live shows were like Asian tigers: CTS Eventim revenue grew 163%, Live Nation revenue grew 73%. The advent of streaming and a new generation of artists has fueled doubts and uncertainties about the prospects of this sector. It was feared that after great dinosaurs like the Rolling Stones, there would be no replacement and no artist would have enough numbers to fill stadiums. Let’s take the case of the San Siro.

Before the pandemic, every summer there were 5-6 stars who came to challenge the three rings, Of course, in an age where numbers dictate the law in music, there’s also a desire to flaunt muscles that you might not have in order to be able to claim an absolute level, as if it were a video game, but A dozen musicians will perform at the Milanese stadium this year: Tiziano Ferro, Coldplay, Ligabue, The Pooh, Mengoni, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Depeche Mode, Ultimo, Blanco, The Muse and Menskin, For this reason, the limit the municipality seeks to place on the number of seasonal concerts between the stadium and the two racetracks appears to be anachronistic.

– Beyonce, one of the sold-out stars during one of the last concerts

skyrocketing ticket prices

Second polestar The trade journal of the live music industry projects global box office to hit $11.7 billion in 2022: +5% over 2019, the last normal year with which to be able to make comparisons. Growth in Italy is even more rapid. According to Sia, In the first 9 months of last year, pop concerts collected 427 million euros against 327 in the same period of 2019 (+30.5%) The number of viewers increased from 9 million 450 thousand to 11 million 295 thousand (+19.5%). If the speed of the box office is higher than that of the audience, it means that the average ticket cost has increased: from 35 to 38 euros, which rises to 48 euros in Milan. places for the most prestigious events, or 56 euros for the top 10 most viewed. Last year it was led by Vasco (111,881 tickets) in Trento, followed by Campovolo di Ligabue and Artists Against Violence Against Women. one not one million, Vasco, Ultimo, Menskin completed the rankings twice again, another collaboration of Vasco and Imagine Dragons. We’re still a long way from the expensive US price, where the top 200 average ticket in 2019 passed the psychological barrier of the Hundred, from $87.19 to $103.71 (+19%), but the trend is on.

– Paul McCartney asked American fans for an average of $ 248 in his last concert

Big Stars and Scalping

Coldplay, 2 dates in Naples and 4 dates in San Siro Tickets sold out within hours, with 100,000 users queuing up From 46-109 Euros to 57-172 Euros for 2017 Tour There has been an increase of 23-57% depending on the sectors. Bruce Springsteen went from 40–120 Euros to 85–130 Euros in 2016 The tour, which saw him play with the E Street Band in Ferrara and Rome, will end on July 25 at the Monza racetrack. It’s not just the law of supply and demand that drives up the value of tickets. Shrinkage of shows with increasingly blockbuster productions and impact of pandemic on content availability and workforce (Many changed jobs to escape the blockade) There are other factors that increase budgets and require increased economic coverage.

Last year’s richest Puerto Rican was Bad Bunny: His tour brought in $356 million

Furthermore, artists and promoters slowly realized that secondary ticketing sites were doing good business with online scalping and thought that, If one is willing to pay a lot, it would be better if the income reaches their accounts. With the same underlying logic – there is an audience that spares no expense – Dynamic pricing has become prevalent in the United States, a system of prices that vary according to demand, such as for airline flights.: Official prices for superstars like Beyoncé, Springsteen, Madonna and Drake have topped $1000. Bruce, who built his career on being “one of us,” turned traitor himself and his largest community of fans, Backstreet, shut down after 43 years of activity. His response – “Everyone does it, but no one will be disappointed by the show” – was a mistake.

for popular beatles prices

However, the worst case of greed was given by the agent of Bad Bunny, the reggaeton star and owner of the richest US tour of 2022, with a collection of $356 million and an average price of $215: JB Lewis said, “A virtual queue of 300,000 people for the 17,000 seats available is indicative of the fact that flesh is still attached to the bone.” And if Paul McCartney asked American fans for an average of $ 248, when the Beatles came to play in Italy in 1965, tickets for Vigorelli in Milan cost between 750 and 3 thousand lire: today with inflation they would cost 9 to 37 euros.

Most viewed US tours in 2022

1 bad rabbit $356.5 Average Ticket Price $215.29 in Million Dollars Total
2 Elton John Total Million Dollars $201.8 Average Ticket Price $163.85
3 Def Leppard Mötley Crüe Gross in Millions $177.4 Average Ticket Price $132.27
4 Harry Styles Total Million Dollars $160.4 Average Ticket Price $196.24
5 kenny chesney Total Million Dollars $135.3 Average Ticket Price $104.36
6 weekend Total in Millions $124.5 Average Ticket Price $145.88
7 morgan wallen Gross in Millions $121.5 Average Ticket Price $129.80
8 garth brooks Gross in Millions $112.8 Average Ticket Price $96.28
9 red Hot Chili Peppers Gross in Millions $110.6 Average Ticket Price $145.97
10 Paul mccartney Total Million Dollars $105.1 Average Ticket Price $248.02

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