They counterfeited and distributed fake hepatitis B vaccines

They counterfeited and distributed fake hepatitis B vaccines


Tuesday, September 12, 2023 10:46

News Channel 10.- Cofepris has warned health professionals and the public about the presence of this dangerous drug. The Cofepris statement details the falsified batch numbers, which are listed as 5226211014-1 on the secondary packaging and 2566220/410-2 on the vial label.

It is said that the expiration date on the secondary packaging has been changed to October 6, 2023, and the date on the label is November 2023.

Hepatitis B is a disease that is spread through blood, saliva, or semen and can become chronic, leading to jaundice and other serious complications, such as liver cancer.

The genuine vaccine provides 95-100% protection, while the fake vaccine has dubious efficacy and is available in the form of a 20 ml injection suspension without the necessary health authorization.

Due to the lack of information on the manufacturing, handling and storage conditions of this counterfeit product, its safety, quality and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed and therefore poses a health risk.

Information from: Quintana Roo News.

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