They Demolish Mansion of Terror Where Jeffrey Epstein Committed Much of His Abuses

Jeffrey Epstein's old Palm Beach mansion has already been demolished.

The property located in Palm Beach has already been reduced to rubble and in its place, a new architectural project will be built that will leave the crimes committed within it in oblivion.

The iconic Palm Beach, Florida mansion, once owned by sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, was reduced to rubble on Monday, April 19.

The six-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom property was acquired by developer Todd Michael Glaser for the purpose of demolishing it and building another in its place.

The house went on sale, in July 2020, for $ 21,995 million, being until November 2020, that it was sold in an undisclosed figure.

In December, a month after the purchase, Glaser’s project obtained approval from the Palm Beach Architecture Commission to be carried out, however, it was until now that the work was carried out with the help of heavy machinery.

For now, more details are unknown about the project that Todd Michael Glaser and his partners will carry out on the two-acre site, which is located very close to Donald Trump’s rest home in Mar-a-Lago.

The home, which consisted of 8,000 square feet of construction, was purchased by Jeffrey Epstein in 1990 for $ 2.5 million.

It had a kitchen, dining room, living room, study, as well as a pool in the backyard area, a staff house with three bedrooms, a pool house, green areas, among other spaces.

Jeffrey Epstein, who died on August 10, 2019, in prison, committed hundreds of sexual abuses against various young women in that house, who came to his home believing that they would be hired as masseurs, but the reality was very different.

In addition to the Miami property, Epstein owned another one in New York City, which was sold last March for $ 51 million.

The owner of that property, which is striking for its seven stories high, is tycoon Michael Daffey, a former Goldman Sachs executive.

The billionaire, who did not meet Epstein in person, decided to buy the 28,000-square-foot mansion because he wants to show that New York City still has a lot of potentials to give, although many consider that its best times are already something of the past.


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