“They didn’t want me because I did Euphoria, I had to fight”

Sidney Sweeney has recounted the difficulties of being convinced for roles away from Euphoria’s Cassie after being ‘pigeoned in’ due to her performance in the Sam Levinson series.

The White Lotus, Sydney Sweeney: 'They didn't want me because I did Euphoria, I had to fight'

as fiery teenager Cassie Howard Excitement donated to Sydney Sweeney Fame, but it also carries a label that’s hard to shake off even in the eyes of insiders. The actress admitted that she had to Struggling to persuade the makers of The White Lotus to hire him.

At 25, Sydney Sweeney feels fortunate to focus on projects that offer an acting challenge and that inspire her to strike different chords, but it’s not always easy.

“I’ve shocked people with the choices I’ve made with my characters” the actress told Variety. “There are always people who see me as Cassie. They send me scripts that are exactly like that. I have to fight to get different roles, like in reality. I had to audition for . I had to submit my audition video and like everyone else. It was the same for The White Lotus. They didn’t think I was suitable because I did Euphoria. So I sent a video, auditioned like everyone else and The calls came like everyone else. They could have offered me roles similar to what I have played, but the ones that are different, the ones that take people by surprise, those are the ones that I usually have to fight for.

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While she has managed to play diverse and challenging roles, such as reality or in romcom anyone but youSydney Sweeney is also confirmed to return for the third season, where she plays alongside Glenn Powell. Excitement, Though it has been more than a year since the second season wrapped up, the actress is yet to get any script. The delay is due to the writers’ strike, but also due to producer Sam Levinson’s commitment to his new show. Sculpture,

“I hope I can continue to challenge myself as an actress and reach new heights with Cassie because she’s such a crazy character, she’s so dramatic and fun to play. Whatever Sam decides What he wants to do with him, I have full faith in him.” his vision”,

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