They discover shortages of drugs to treat hepatitis

The LUDA partner digital pharmacy network has identified new supply issues with different medicines used to treat hepatitis.

On this Friday celebration world hepatitis daythe pharmacy network decrying more supply complications the drug is intended for hospital use, such as “Entecavir” for the treatment of chronic infections Hepatitis B in adults and children over 2 years old liver damage, and “Lamivudine” treat infection Hepatitis B, for people with damaged and not functioning livers.

Viral hepatitis, which affects more than 300 million people Based on data from around the world World Health Organization (WHO)In addition to the clinical manifestations derived from the disease itself, a series of problems in patients will be generated or exacerbated, the first is related to overweight and diabetes.

In this sense, there are drug supply problem for the treatment of these diseases Dispensed from a pharmacyNot from the hospital.

medical prescription

For example, virus Hepatitis C can contribute to the development diabetes.In this case, the doctor may prescribe medication such as “ozone” anyone ‘Saxenda’they also have supply issues.

but that Pharmacy Digital Network He recalled that while some medications may have substitutes, pharmacists do not have the authority to switch a patient’s medication for another equivalent medication if a doctor has specifically prescribed it.

therefore, “If a pharmacy is unable to fill a prescription due to a supply problem, the patient should return to the physician to advise and have the prescription changed. There is no doubt that this is a cumbersome and time-consuming process that directly affects patients who are seriously ill,” they added.

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