They discovered a new symptom linked to the Omicron variant of coronavirus

John Torres, an emergency room physician and senior correspondent for NBC News, reported that inpatients had a new common symptom that could be linked to the Omicron variant.

The “most contagious” strain to date is rampant and undermines the sanitary measures of countries around the world. Currently in Argentina there is already community circulation of the variant and the country has 3 consecutive days with more than 100 thousand cases daily.

The night sweats would be the new symptom that people infected by coronavirus present. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States confirmed this through a statement.

Despite the coincidence between patients, the symptom was not common in previous strains of coronavirus. Likewise, there are still official confirmations that link this pathology directly and exclusively to the Omicron variant.

The most common symptoms of this variant

Beyond being a less dangerous variant due to its weakness before vaccines and because it mainly attacks areas of the throat and not the lungs, it presents a particular symptomatology.

As confirmed by experts, those who contract the omicron strain of coronavirus no longer present the old triad of extreme and main symptoms from the beginning of the pandemic, which were the loss of smell, taste and fever.

Headache, a cold-like picture with a runny nose, fatigue, sneezing, and a sore throat are the main symptoms of Omicron.

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