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Pilar Rodríguez Ledo, Silvia Guerrero, María Checa and Lorenzo Armenteros.

“The persistent covid has gone unnoticed, even though there are at least 500,000 people affected in our country ”, as recalled this Saturday by the vice president of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), Dr. Pilar Rodríguez Ledo, in the framework of the World Pandemics Forum, where he moderated the discussion table entitled ‘Persistent Covid: A social challenge that seeks a solution’.

“The Ostrich technique does not work: the Administration has hidden its head, but the problem is still present and is growing day by day. The estimated half a million affected in our country cannot be left unattended, “says Rodríguez Ledo. Within the first international pandemic forum, held in Madrid on November 19 and 20, the SEMG highlighted the important support that had the Clinical Guide for Patient Care with Long Covid, a document that is currently endorsed by up to fifty scientific societies, professional associations and patient associations. However, the vice president of the SEMG regrets that, today , does not have the explicit recognition and necessary dissemination by the health Administration, despite having held several meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Health.

In this sense, the vice president of the SEMG launched a clear request: “Knowledge, recognition and courage; and zero tolerance to the denial of the affectation based on scientific ignorance and economic fear ”. For what Rodríguez Ledo claimed “More science to regain health”Of the thousands of patients affected by this ailment.

Primary care and persistent covid

“Long Covid disease has not been understood and, above all, to treat her as she deserves “, according to Lorenzo Armenteros, spokesperson for the SEMG, who recalled at the World Pandemics Forum that Primary Care can be essential in caring for patients affected by persistent Covid. SEMG proposes a collaborative care model between Primary and Hospital Care, structured from Primary Care. “The first level of care is the one that must collaborate with Hospital Care, help patients and advise them on this difficult path,” according to Armenteros.

“The Ministry of Health intends to minimize the Long Covid problem, for example, by reducing the number of symptoms. It does not want to transmit the information or explicitly recognize so that the persistent covid remains in a mixed bag (in relation to its coding within of the National Health System), and not as a syndrome that affects the whole organism “, in the words of the SEMG spokesperson.

Social and labor impact of long covid

On behalf of Long Covid ACTS, platform of the alliance of associations and autonomous groups affected by this new disease, participated in the table held within the World Pandemics Forum María Checa and Silvia Guerrero, who spoke about the socio-labor perspective and the collaborative patient-driven research, respectively.

The spokeswoman for the Legal Working Group and secretary of the Long Covid Andalusia Association, the lawyer María Checa, pointed out in her speech that, “only by putting the patient at the center, will we be able to address the issue of social problems.” In this sense, he listed the “uncertainty, lack of knowledge, lives paralyzed by problems to deal with the day to day”As obstacles that those affected by the persistent Covid have had to face.

In relation to the repercussion at the social level, Checa believes that the persistent Covid must be approached with a gender perspective, guaranteeing access to data in a gender-differentiated way. “There are many illnesses that historically affect women more than men, which have been underdiagnosed,” the Long Covid ACTS representative on labor issues recalled at the World Pandemics Forum.

“You should not make decisions about patients, without counting on the patients,” said María Checa, referring to the fact that the citizen participation is public health decision-making is “a pending subject in our country ”. The lawyer also wanted to recall in this forum that “the labor rights of Long COVID patients depend on proper diagnosis and coding.”

What is the origin of the long covid?

For her part, Silvia Guerrero, as coordinator of the Long COVID ACTS Research Group, focused on the scientific evidence available so far at the World Pandemics Forum. As he stated in his speech, viral persistence could be the cause of chronic inflammation described in Long Covid patients, which in turn would explain the existence of more than 200 persistent Covid symptoms.

This doctor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology believes that investigating the etiology of the disease is essential to stop being chronically ill. Guerrero also wanted to make it very clear that collaborative research led by patients has been the protagonist in Long Covid pathology.

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