they don’t know anything about football

Three American podcasters commented on Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami: none of them knew the rules of the American championship, nor how matches are played.

Leo Messi VInter Miami painted on ml thousands of new enthusiasts. Many fans followed his first steps into the world of American football, which made him a great icon. The arrival of the Argentinian aroused curiosity even among those who had never practiced this sport until now.

This seems to be the case with the three protagonists of the YouTuber podcast. “It is what it is”, a program that covers various topics and has just over 100,000 subscribers. In the latest episode, which was released a few days ago on Youtube, in the final, the theme of Messi was also touched upon.

Image taken from a podcast episode in which we talk about Messi.

Image taken from a podcast episode in which we talk about Messi.

Speaking of IShowSpeedanother celebrity in the world of the Internet and a famous fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, three podcasters commented on the arrival of Pulce in America as an event that could attract the attention of the whole world.

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But when they were examined, one detail caught their eye: none of the three had ever seen a football match and they also seemed to be quite confused because of the rules.

“I heard that Messi played his first match for Inter Miami in MLS, and this is, in fact, the American League. The match ended in a draw, and in case of a draw – a of the podcasters commented, not understanding the match at all.

Own to the Miami team a free kick was awarded (not a penalty kick) a few minutes before the end, Messi turned into a perfect parable. Then the analysis continued without missing some insinuations: “Messi scored a penalty in his first game and everyone cheered for him, even LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian and all the celebrities. He scored the winning penalty in his first game, it could just be a coincidence or the fact that he is a legend“.

But the doubts didn’t end there. How the penalty taker is chosen? Is that the one that got fouled, or do they choose the team captain?”. And the question raises another reasoning, this time related to the captain’s armband.

Messi will be the new captain of MLS in America but let’s face it, we expected it”. An absurd concept for those who do not follow football, but which fits perfectly into the heads of three podcasters who are not very accustomed to the world of football and all its rules.

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