They entered to rob a dental office and were arrested by the patient who was a military policeman

The military policeman was being treated at that time by the professional. He obeyed and threw himself on the floor, but there he took the opportunity to draw his weapon and reduce the criminals.

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Two thieves who broke into a dental clinic in Brazil with knives there came across a patient armed with a pistol that managed to thwart the assault. The incident took place this Thursday morning in Ceilândia, a region of the Federal District state in Brazil.

In one of the videos broadcast on social networks, you can see how two men enter the office posing as patients and settle in the waiting room, where two other people are. Suddenly, the suspected criminals get up and each of them pulls out a large knife. Next, one of them goes to the office room, while another proceeds to close the door of the establishment.

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In another recording, a man appears being treated by a dentist, who suspends the session as soon as he sees one of the armed subjects enter. Upon realizing what happened, the patient decides to follow the orders of the assailants, leaves the dentist’s chair where he was lying, and throws himself on the floor. But when one of the robbers walks over to check it out, the man struggles with him, pulls out a pistol, and, within seconds, subdues him.

At that moment, those present leave the office room, including the other thief, who returns immediately to help his accomplice, but has the same fate and ends up on the ground after being hit in the shoulder by a shot from the patient, which resulted be a military policeman.

It is reported that one of the criminals was immediately arrested, while the one who received the impact in the shoulder was transferred to the Regional Hospital of Ceilândia.

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