They established how is the procedure to report the result of the covid self-test – Policy

The Government regulated the sale and use of the so-called COVID-19 self-tests, which can only be obtained in pharmacies and under the commitment by the user to report the result once the test has been performed. This was reported through Resolution 28/2022, published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette.

Specifically, what was done was to approve, with the signature of the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, the so-called “Procedure for reporting the use and notification of the result of the individual self-assessment tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) “.

The regulations indicate, among other points, that the buyer must inform the health authorities if the diagnosis was positive or negative. It will do it “individually (attentive to the barcode of each package) once opened within 24 hours after it was made, and within 7 days of purchase when they had not been used”.

In the event that the product is purchased by a private user in a participating pharmacy, the usage report is always done at the same point of sale, either in person or by phone, through a website or by other means that may be developed.

On the other hand, if the test was acquired and / or used by a public or private institution, they must designate a health reference responsible for the use report, and inform the destination and the results to the place of acquisition or, failing that, to the health authorities of your jurisdiction.

For its part, both pharmacies and professionals designated by the institutions, or failing that, the local authorities, They will then have to upload the results of each of the tests in the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS), also indicating some personal data of the person who made the self-diagnosis, such as their name and surname; legal sex; date of birth; Type and number of document; full address, and contact telephone number.

If the pharmacist does not receive the user’s report within the aforementioned deadlines, he must report this situation to the jurisdictional health authority which in turn, within the framework of its powers, may disable the point of sale if it is noticed that the load in the SNVS has not actually been carried out.

Once the test results are available, positive cases will be integrated into the SNVS system and will be classified as “probable”, while negative cases will be considered “negative, unclassified.” Those tests that were invalid must be repeated.

However, it was established that, “given the epidemiological context, jurisdictions, in agreement with the national health authority, may consider as confirmed cases” of coronavirus those persons “whose self-assessment test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 ( COVID-19) have tested positive. “

Likewise, it was noted that “drug stores, distributors and laboratories that supply the retail channel” may sell these products “only to pharmacies that comply with the established procedure.”

In the recitals of the Resolution published this Tuesday, the Government indicated that these tools collaborate “in the decentralization process necessary to provide a better response to a situation that affects public health, since they do not require highly complex equipment or technology.” .

In addition, he noted that the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) has already approved one of these products for “exclusive sale in pharmacies, which” ensures their traceability and legitimacy.

“For this reason, the use of said COVID-19 self-assessment tests as a complementary tool for the management of the pandemic is considered convenient, since it facilitates access to the diagnosis of COVID-19, and broadens the offer in testing strategies and its accessibility “, explained the national authorities.

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