They fenced off Punta del Este harbor so people don’t get close to the sea lions

This morning, Punta del Este City Council staff fenced off the puerto este Preventing people who circulate in the area from accessing sea lions is a complex health condition for these animals because they First case of bird flu infection detected.

He told us that the area of ​​the fishmongers, where the wolves usually approach, was the first to be fenced off. Coffee and Business Mariano Piaggio, a fisherman working in the port.

Punta del Este Mayor Javier Carballal confirms Coffee and Business That Fences are in place for prevention The city government has spoken to port workers so they can take precautions.

What should I do if I encounter a wolf?

The Ministry of Livestock and Aquaculture (MGAP) announced its first case of bird flu in February, but reports this week that the disease has also affected sea lionsSome people have died from the disease, which could spread to humans if necessary safety measures are not taken.

The ministry reported that if a dead sea lion is found, it should not be touched and the National Aquatic Resources Directorate (Dinara) should be notified immediately so they can dispose of the carcass. Once a wolf is found dead, samples are taken to determine if it died of bird flu, and the body is buried to prevent other animals, such as birds, from spreading the disease.

Courtesy of Mariano Piaggio

This morning, the fencing was installed at Puerto del Este.

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