They fight gastritis with new drug in Mexico

A new generation of acid blocker treatments can effectively combat gastritis. (file)

In Mexico, it is estimated that more than 40 million people, equivalent to one in four Mexicans, suffer from related conditions such as gastritis, reflux and/or peptic ulcers.

Gastroenterologist Alicia Sofía Villar explains that all most patients do is buy antacid medications at the pharmacy, which relieve symptoms but do not cure or reduce stomach acid production. Another drug they often use is something called “prazole,” which takes time to work but doesn’t fix the problem quickly and the affected person has to take it several times a day. They are also not effective against nighttime symptoms.

The doctor, who graduated from the Spanish Hospital in Mexico, said that currently, to treat these conditions, there is a new treatment method called potassium competitive acid blockers (P-CAB, for its English acronym), which can provide patients with rapid relief. symptoms. 30 minutes from the first intake and continued control for 24 hours, avoiding annoying nighttime heartburn and heartburn symptoms.

Once-daily dose, not dependent on food intake; better promotes healing of the stomach and esophagus They help to eradicate Helicobacter pylori, which is present in more than 70% of the population in Mexico and the world.

Villar commented that it is important for people with burning sensation, heartburn or reflux to see their first contact doctor to assess whether they are a candidate for this new treatment and to determine the specifics of treatment. time.

He reported that the patient who had to present urgently to the health system was one who presented with alarming clinical data, such as hematemesis, melena, Anemia and significant weight loss over the past three months.

Despite new treatments, It is important for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent these diseases.

It is recommended to maintain good eating habits, engage in physical exercise, and get timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment. People interested in Kano Laboratory’s new therapy: P-CABs (Tegoprazan) can enter the official website:

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