They find the origin of Tarazona’s gastroenteritis outbreak in Soria’s Queles River

They find the origin of Tarazona’s gastroenteritis outbreak in Soria’s Queles RiverEffie

this analyze Made in qualles river Confirmed to exist Oocysts of the protozoan Cryptosporidiumled to an outbreak of gastroenteritis in the city of Tarazona in Zaragoza, which also forced the imposition of restrictions in the nearby towns of Torreras, Novalas and Los Fayos in the Soria section of the riverbed.

According to the Aragonese government, the country has increased More than 500 people affected by the epidemicsamples were collected at three locations in the upper part of the river: at the source of the river, where the results were negative; downstream of the fish farm, where positive results were obtained, and downstream of the town of Vozmediano, where positive results were also obtained.

These results are communicated first to the National Guard Nature Conservation Service (Seprona) by the company contracted to carry out the analysis and secondly to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Aragon.Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE) and the community castile leon and navarrethey explained in a note from the Aragonese government.

three affected areas

also, Nuria Gayán, Director of Public Health, Governor of Aragonalso notifying mayors of all affected cities of the company’s findings.

Gayan took part in a meeting on Monday with the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and representatives of the autonomous regions of Castile and León and Navarra, in which the three regions They report on registered cases and public health measures taken.

Cited sources indicate that tomorrow another Technical meeting between different departments of the Aragonese governmentThe meeting was convened by the Minister of Health, José Luis Bancalero, and was attended by representatives of the General Directorate of Public Health, the Provincial Health Service, the General Directorate of Interior and Emergency Situations, the Aragon Water Institute and the town councils of Tarazona and Novaras , Torreras and Los Fayos.

water treatment

The Tarazona City Council, together with the Government of Aragon, continues its efforts to implement corrective measures regarding water treatment and the environment Monitor for the presence of oocysts in Quails River.

Waiting for more analysis results to be released next week, Water network water restrictions continue. As a result, residents of the four affected cities in Aragon are unable to drink tap water, brush their teeth or cook.

Drinking water tanks for multiple cities

The Government of Aragon, through the General Directorate of Interior and Emergency Affairs, announced this weekend that Tarazona, Torreras, Novalas and Los Fayos Ten drinking water tanks with a total capacity of 10,000 liters will be replenished according to the needs of each population.

egg sac Protozoan Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium is the causative agent of gastroenteritis outbreak declared weekend September 9th and 10thin the city of Turiason.

Overall, from the beginning there was 508 cases The symptoms of gastroenteritis are mild in most patients, accompanied by diarrhea and, in special cases, vomiting and fever.

Stools from patients with symptoms of gastroenteritis are also analyzed for the presence of protozoan oocysts.

These analyzes have been negative since September 20 last year, leading us to consider that the cases of acute gastroenteritis detected since that date may constitute a baseline number of cases that would normally be common in this population.

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