They found a donor for Florencia and they will have a liver transplant this Tuesday

Florencia Fernandez Nieto, 18.

Good news gives family hope Florence Fernandez Nieto, The 18-year-old girl, a native of Cruz del Ech, is in critical health and is desperately awaiting a liver transplant to survive.

in conversation Carlos Paz is alive!The girl’s parents said:Florencia remains stable and already has a 99.99% compatible donor from Santa Fe.”

They also reported that operations in private hospitals in Córdoba, It is scheduled to take place this Tuesday.

What happened to Florence?

“Florence has always been healthy, she just has a cold. He has no symptoms of any disease and has not received any treatment.” Florence’s mother Andrea commented on her daughter a few days ago. Carlos Paz is alive!

He continued: “Until The cause of Florence’s liver failure is currently unknown. There’s nothing in their ongoing research that suggests it’s viral.

Likewise, he provided details about his daughter’s deteriorating health over the weekend. “On Saturday, Flor started to suffer from some kind of gastroenteritis, and she was treated with medication in Cruz del Eje. On Sunday, she was admitted with severe pain in her stomach, and after tests, she was diagnosed with liver failure On Monday, they urgently transferred her to a private hospital in Córdoba, but had to pass through the Domingo Funes Hospital, where she was intubated.

Florencia, 18, desperately needs a liver transplant to survive: her parents’ desperate plea

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