They found a dozen dead sea lions in Viedma

a member of Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of black river And Municipality of Viedma A dark scene was found near El Cóndor Spa and Punta Bermeja de Viedma Nature Reserve: about more than ten of dead sea lionwith obvious symptoms Avian Influenza.

Although usage restrictions The area’s beaches as a start warnthe authorities explained, “they don’t know exactly how the spread of this virus has evolved.” Meanwhile, National Produce Health and Quality Service (Senasa) The protocol for defining corpses is bury them to avoid possible infection.

“We’re not sure how it evolved or how it’s contagious, the virus I’ll circle the coastline We want this to pass as soon as possible so that people don’t experience this in the summer,” he said. Fabian PlainsDeputy Minister Environment and Climate Change.

This worrying situation combined with what has happened in the city of Buenos Aires in recent days Necociawhere professionals Senasa found more than 40 dead sea lions.So far they are analyzing the bodies to determine if they are bird flu infection.


The affected species is Otaria flavescens, known as the South American sea lion or South American sea lion.

Affected species are Sophora flavescensknown as the hairy sea lion or south american sea lion.

also in country of fire they reported 21 dead sea lions and confirmed At least 7 people were infected Bird flu, the provincial government banned people from entering the Rio Grande City’s coastal sanctuary.

According to the agency’s latest report Rio Negro Environmental Guardiansalso found in Punta Bermeja dead bird Senasa tested, and diagnosis These analyzes are ongoing in Buenos Aires.

this rionegro authorities Emphasize that bird flu is a disease potential zoonoseswhich means you can from animals to humansand warned that “the virus can be found in the excrement and secretions of birds and marine mammals, posing a real risk to those exposed to it.” can be contacted with these animals or their fluids”.

Argentine bird flu

disease highly contagious gender epidemic outbreak The country has lost its status in this category for the first time since February 2023″no bird flu“. he first case On February 15, bird flu was confirmed in Hubei Province. andean goose exist Jujuy Province this is the law health emergency.

In early August, the last factory closed. 18 outbreaks detected A business establishment registered in the country.Afterwards, Senasa proposed World Organization for Animal Health (WHO) The document is accompanied by a self-declaration supporting and sustaining Argentina as disease free country in poultry.Currently, the most recent cases are in mammals rather than poultry and therefore, fall into the non-avian category still holds.

July 12, WHO and omsa they gave again alarm Regarding the risk of avian influenza, it was noted that the current outbreak has wreaked havoc on animal populations and could cause permanent risk to humans“.

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