They found out Lionel Messi was going to be their neighbor in Florida and were completely baffled as they tried to get home

after double date South American Qualifiers, Lionel Messi He’s already in Miami and only played the first game Ecuador in The Select team defeated the trio 1-0. He then took a well-earned break from his rivalry. Bolivia Due to the wear and tear he accumulated in past games Inter Miami.

Mateo Messi is 8 years old and his mother Antonella Roccuzzo does not give her more love: “Stealing the heart”

Mateo Messi, the second son of Lionel and Antonela Roccuzzo, is 8 years old and his mother got it all with a funny post for him on Instagram “like”.

Argentina captain ready to return to team inter miami and moved into his new mansion Floridamore specifically in Broward County. After news of the move broke, the Spanish couple took to their YouTube channel SN challenge shared a video in which They are excited about their new neighbors.

The couple from the successful YouTube channel consists of Seba and Nury, who live in Florida just minutes away from their new mansion. Lionel Messi. In the past few hours, they uploaded a video in which they traveled to the area to find him and made incredible demands.

YouTuber couple’s first words after learning about their new arrival Lionel Messi To the county: “He’s our neighbor. It’s in Broward County where we live. Do you think they’re going to invite us to a barbecue? I’m excited to be so close to him.”

Finally, they detailed that security was “extremely tight,” with at least ten people guarding all access to the mansion.

A Spanish YouTuber couple went in search of their new neighbor Lionel Messi

In the video, they showed off their itinerary to Bay Colony, about 20 minutes’ drive from where they live, to visit the Macy family’s new mansion. “We are looking for Messi, we are looking for our neighbours,” the couple said.

Congratulations to Nouri on the trip Messi Choosing to move to Broward: “You’re basically on the beach. The county you picked is great. The kids are going to be great and the schools are great. We can be friends.”” joked the YouTuber.

Apparently, this mansion Messi It is located in a private building so the famous YouTuber cannot access it, joking: “We took a risk and they kicked us out of the country.” “If we piss off the gardener, will it be serious?” They continued to joke.

Additionally, to close, they detail the security “She’s very strict” and at least have Ten people watch All rights of entry to the mansion.

Who is Antonella Roccuzzo’s butt personal trainer in Miami? Why did the whole world choose him?

The influencer posted a photo of herself training with her personal teacher. Antonella Roccuzzo goes to a gym dedicated to working out her glutes.

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