They gave the awards to the Projects and their Artists

Those who created the 30 selected projects received their respective diplomas of recognition for accompanying the Municipal Fund for Culture.

Last Wednesday, November 17, at the “Luis María Lujan” Cultural Center, awards were given to the artists who presented the different artistic-cultural projects selected.

During the event were present the councilors Selva Chesini and Susana Villamonte, the undersecretary of the Popular Power, Danilo Bertoni, the secretary of the Treasury Delfina Herlax and the director of Culture, Silvana Ferrari.

“It is an enormous joy that this Municipal Fund for Culture has become an ordinance and thus sets a precedent as a state policy for the entire cultural sector,” said Ferrari.

About the selected projects and their representatives:

Yoga in Culture Presented by Estefanía Buiatti

Synopsis: Free yoga classes open to the community

A dangerous relationship Presented by Silvia Camiolo.

Synopsis: Audiovisual suspense on the theme of “violence against women”

LUCIO Project Presented by Luciano Angelino.

Synopsis: Production, recording, mixing, mastering, launching and broadcasting of the first solo album.

Women in Heavy Metal Presented by Mariana Manzanares.

Synopsis: Realization of the first symphonic Heavy Metal album produced by a woman in our city. The album talks about battles of life itself, told in an epic and fanciful way, poetry and orchestration painstakingly developed just as this musical genre demands.

Ev. Music | Presented by Evelin López.

Synopsis: Musical teaching pedagogical project.

Summer Club | Presented by Francisco Peralta.

Synopsis: Art colony for children.

You can, I can | Presented by Juan Pablo Figun.

Synopsis: Festival to benefit the fight against cancer, to make visible and raise awareness about the disease.

The Figus of Teo | Presented by Marcos Henchioz.

Synopsis: Literary rescue at the “Rodolfo García” Library.

Guale Jazz | Presented by Francisco Fernández.

Synopsis: 2nd edition of the city’s Jazz Festival.

The Journey | Presented by Alexis González.

Synopsis: Musical record work by the duo “In Par”, with Latin American music and Argentine folklore.

Provincial Hip Hop Meeting | Presented by Juan Santos.

Synopsis: Encounter with more than 16 rappers from the province of Entre Ríos, along with artists and dancers.

Poetry Festival | Presented by Pamela De Batista.

Synopsis: Poetry meeting, which brings together and enables the coexistence and exchange of people and local entities dedicated to literature. This proposal involves workshops, interviews, a fair, book presentations and audiovisual projections, a children’s recital space, and poetry on stage.

Without mask | Presented by Alfredo González.

Synopsis: Production of a musical CD by the band “Los más Duendes” with 12 musical themes of their own interpretation.

Local Authors Book Fair | Presented by Ismael Pradel.

Synopsis: 2nd Local Authors Book Fair organized by the French Alliance. It seeks to stimulate reading in the community, making known literary works of writers from our city and collaborating with a Public Library “Cultural Bag”.

Rony the documentary | Presented by Ignacio Demartin.

Synopsis: It is a journalistic-cultural project that will tell the story of Gisela Galante, “Rony”, who was a preponderant figure of our popular culture, particularly in the Popular Corsos “Matecito”, where he took another dimension and became, at least by a while, in the protagonist of the scene.

Murguera cornet | Presented by Agustin Marinelli.

Synopsis: Production, recording, editing, mixing and mastering of the songs of each murga in the “Traditional” category that participate in the 2022 edition of the “Matecito” Popular Corsos.

I am counting on Luis | Presented by Feliz Fariña.

Synopsis: Production project that includes the beautiful task of analyzing the literary work of the local writer “Luis María Lujan”, selecting four texts in different formats, to reproduce them in audiovisuals.

La Murga says | Presented by Micaela Ramírez.

Synopsis: Audiovisual project that aims to document, from a gender perspective, the process of community exchange that occurs in the formation of the city’s murgas. The artistic fact, the link between its members, the meeting and the creation of community, are the axes on which this project is sustained.

Rites | Presented by Ignacio García.

Synopsis: It is a photojournalistic and documentary essay on the spirituality and the ways of living it of the inhabitants of Gualeguaychú and its surroundings.

Women to Finger post production | Presented by Camila Mateo.

Synopsis: Documentary that will address the problem of women who move “by finger” to their jobs. The documentary will seek to make visible the presence of women at work and in daily chores, with the aggravating factor that they must move that way.

Recording of our album | Presented by Gino Giglio.

Synopsis: The Sixto band will record their first album.

Literary Corporations | Presented by Victoria Machado.

Synopsis: The proposal of this project is to summon elderly women to enter into a dialogue with their own body mediated by literary and theatrical languages.

Voices from the River | Presented by Karina Burguera.

Synopsis: Project oriented to choral practice and musical recreation for the elderly, whose objective is the motivation to meet again and discover in music a company and a communication tool, with which they can approach different generations, social groups and , why not, to their own families.

I sing for you | Presented by Adrián Soria.

Synopsis: Musical concert celebrating 25 years of his career in musical genres such as: Melodic, Pop and Latin. The show will benefit an entity of the city.

Urban | Presented by Giuliana Brelis.

Synopsis: Hip Hop Festival that will merge our idiosyncrasy with this broad urban genre. This festival will seek to establish itself year after year, to continue growing and to add more and more people interested in this cultural expression.

Cooperative Culture | Presented by Federico Peralta.

Synopsis: Artistic, cultural, pedagogical and political festival whose protagonists are Cooperatives.

Survival kisses | Presented by Patricia Brochero.

Synopsis: Theatrical work by the provincial playwright Gustavo Palacios, which mixes magical realism with absurdity, with regard to a couple’s relationship, their daily life, and the conflict that arises when one of the characters breaks the last one kiss you have to give.

My heart a world of emotions | Presented by Carina Peralta.

Synopsis: Show for the whole family, based on the emotions that the leading actress goes through, such as: joy, sadness, fear, reluctance and fury, along with other actors who will give life to these feelings.

Study Music Cycle | Presented by Martín Jurado.

Synopsis: The cycle offers the essential history of artists, reflecting the identities of the time and reels chords and melodies. Each program includes an intimate and relaxed concert, recorded in high definition video and with excellent image and sound quality.

Falklands | Presented by Jesica Amores.

Synopsis: Preparation of a book on Malvinas, in order to publicize our local history, showing the contrast between the two sides of the war.

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