They had their first date, tested positive for Covid and had to go through isolation together

Although it appears to be part of the plot of an unmissable romantic comedy, the story of Sarah and her occasional partner – with whom she had to isolate herself and confine herself for 7 days almost without meeting – is real. Because they both met for Tinder, they met and on the first date they learned that they were both positive for Covid-19.

The unusual story took place in U.S, and it was Sarah herself who shared the details of the story, as well as some postcards of that forced coexistence for 7 days on her TikTok account (@ poppymoore777).

An Omicron-type romantic comedy

Not all love stories have a fairytale beginning. In fact, we don’t even know if this date between Sarah and her partner will have continuity in time or if they will continue to see each other. But what there is no doubt about is that they will never forget their first date.

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After meeting on Tinder, both young men agreed to meet. And being together in that first meeting, they had the idea of ​​sharing a moment that does not usually fit among those considered more romantic: they decided test yourself together to find out if they had coronavirus.

They met on Tinder, but they tested positive for Covid and had to isolate themselves together without meeting.  Photo: TikTok @ poppymoore777
They met on Tinder, but they tested positive for Covid and had to isolate themselves together without meeting. Photo: TikTok @ poppymoore777For: Photo: TikTok @ poppymoore777

After confirming that both were positive, they had no choice but to stretch that first meeting and turn it into a coexistence of 7 days uninterrupted (how long the confinement lasted). Through TikTok, the young woman shared some photos and videos of those activities that accompanied them during the isolation: video games, watching TV together, ordering food and even cooking as a team.

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Sarah herself also explained on TikTok and before different inquiries that “for personal reasons” she could not isolate herself on her own and alone. The surprising love story in times of pandemic it has already exceeded 15 million views on the social network.

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