They highlight that healthy eating is essential to prevent and control diabetes

November 15, 2021 – 2:52 pm

Within the framework of the Blue Month, in which awareness activities are being developed for the prevention of diabetes, from the Nutrition Service of the Hospital Escuela de Agudos “Dr. Ramón Madariaga ”today placed a stand at the entrance of the aforementioned Assistance Center, to inform the community about healthy eating.

In this sense, the Head of the Nutrition Service of the Hospital Escuela, Lic. Moira Mazzanti, stated that “as a first measure, we work so that patients can acquire healthy habits, this means having the 4 meals, avoiding excesses, incorporating the of fruits and vegetables ”. For what he added, “the missionary population has a very low fiber intake and fiber is very important for diabetics, because it causes sugar to rise gradually.”

At the same time, he added other recommendations, “it is advisable to include a reasonable portion of carbohydrates in the diet, because the greatest amount of energy is obtained from that; protein must also be incorporated, such as red meat, white meat, egg white or whole egg, depending on the recommended weekly intake for the patient and raw fats, in a measured way ”.

Another healthy habit that the nutritionist mentioned is to avoid sodas or juices, if you include 8 glasses of water a day and reduce salt.

When asked which are the foods that raise glucose, Mazzanti specified that they are bakery, processed, in this context he detailed others such as chipa, fried cake, reviro, bread, cassava, among others “.

Finally, he said that the change in eating habits takes time, you have to accompany the patient and not forget physical activity.

Diabetologists from the Hospital Escuela were also present at the event. Therefore, Dr. Elizabet Méndez from the Program for Chronic Non-communicable Diseases of the Hospital Escuela, explained what diabetes is “it is a chronic, non-communicable disease that does not respect age, sex, or race, which is increasing alarmingly. , in which there is an alteration in insulin secretion in type 1 diabetes or an alteration in the effective use of this hormone, as is the case in type 2 diabetes ”.

Continuing with the topic, he clarified that 90% of the diabetic population is type 2. While he commented “we have the opportunity to do prevention, in November we put the focus on this” and remarked that interdisciplinary work in the Hospital is essential School, through the area of ​​Noncommunicable Chronic Diseases, “this is made up of a team of Professionals, made up of nurses, who do education, counseling, admit the patient, throughout the care circuit and from there we seek that the patient has comprehensive care, one of the pillars is nutrition, so the Nutrition Service permanently accompanies patients “.

In addition, he added that they are guiding the diabetic patient to receive care in other specialties such as: cardiology, ophthalmology, nephrology, success occurs through care in conjunction with a comprehensive vision “.


Likewise, Dr. Méndez referred to the statistics that are registered at the world and provincial level in relation to diabetes. “Year after year the prevalence is increasing, in the last report it indicated that of the 460 million cases today there are more than 500 million, it is known that one death occurs every 5 seconds, in the world.”

Finally, the Professional, referred to the prevalence in Misiones, “it is 13.8%, only 50% have the diagnosis, so periodic medical check-ups are essential. “It is a disabling disease, it is the first cause of hemodialysis, it is the first cause of blindness, the first cause of non-traumatic amputation.”

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