They insist on JEP macroscopic survey on sexual violence during armed conflict

The State Attorney General’s Office has urged the Special Jurisdiction for Peace JEP to explain the delay in launching Big Case No. 11, which will investigate crimes related to sexual violence during armed conflict.

The Ministry of Public Affairs asked the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, JEP, on Monday, August 14, to explain the delay in opening Big Case No. 11, which will investigate crimes related to sexual and gender-based violence during armed conflict.The Accreditation Chamber has received proposals

In a complaint sent to the JEP, four representatives from the Attorney General’s Office said 36 days had passed since the Guardianship Decision Orders Accreditation Tribunal made a decision on the issue. The ruling gave the Chamber of Commerce 30 days to carry out the process.

The protective action was brought by control agency and social leader Yolanda Perea Mosquera, arguing that while the special jurisdiction studied sexual violence in all publicized cases, it was not enough to guarantee due process, The right to truth and reparation, non-repetition and justice within a reasonable time.

On June 16, the Peace Court Review Section agreed with them. Among other reasons, he pointed out that in July 2022, the identification room itself decided to give priority to macro case 11, but it still has not given a precise answer.

Even with some disproportionate delay, the inability of States to prosecute sexual crimes committed in conflict would violate international obligations.

Although the JEP has yet to respond to the public sector, final case 11 reporting judge Julieta Lemaitre has publicly stated that her work on the topic has been delayed because she has pneumonia which has affected her work. In any case, last week he submitted the priority project to the recognition room.

Lemaitre joined Magistrate Judge Lily Rueda to explore the topic. They discussed gender-based violence against civilians and their own ranks by the extinct FARC, and Magistrate Oscar Parra focused on gender-based violence against civilians by public forces.

The Chamber is scheduled to hold discussions in the first week of September on whether it is worth filing a new macro case. The attorney general’s office and others have been emphasizing the need for openness.

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