They invent a camera that can see through anything

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  - Sputnik World, 1920


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A new method that works by indirectly scattering light onto hidden objects allows things to be seen through them. The process is called synthetic wavelength holography.

An algorithm reconstructs this scattered light signal in a way that reveals hidden objects. Those responsible say that, thanks to its high temporal resolution, the method could also see moving objects, such as cars that spin at full speed or the human heart.

The method has been developed by researchers at Northwestern University, and it can rapidly photograph full-field images with precision. submillimeter.

“At this level of resolution, the computational camera could image through the skin to see even the smallest capillaries at work,” writes one of those responsible, Amanda Morris.

A sailor with binoculars (reference image) - Sputnik Mundo, 1920, 10.05.2018

Physicists create an ‘invisibility cloak’ for submarines

Although the team claims that this technology is especially useful in medicine, it could also be used as an early warning tool in car navigation systems or industrial inspection in confined spaces.

“The principle is universal and could be extended to other wavelengths. For example, the same method could be applied to radio waves for space exploration or underwater acoustic imaging. It can be applied to many areas.”

The article has been published in the magazine Nature.

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