They invite you to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis C in Guanajuato, and they are free!

Leon, Guanajuato– In order to detect HIV and Hepatitis C cases in time, Seres Collective is calling on the general public to get these two tests free of charge in the capital of Guanajuato September 6-7.

Ernesto Ramirez BanderasThe test, from Colectivo Seres, explained that the tests would be aimed at the general public, stressing that there was no age limit, but noted that typically 70% of those who attend these events are young people.

“Generally, we apply an average of between 40 and 50 per test, and that’s because we run the test, and while we’re waiting for the results, which last about 10 minutes, we resolve concerns.

It’s brief counseling about infection and clarifying doubts about sex, whether they are risky or not, and we advise,” he said.

The campaigner stressed that there is no specific indication for testing, only if the person has a flu-like illness and is taking antibiotics, and a test is recommended a week later.

The test is completely anonymous. Photo: Courtesy.

“That’s the only thing that might change the test a little bit, but doesn’t really limit the testing, like fasting or something like that.

This test is presumptive, that is, the results are not absolute, and any response results these tests give us, we have to confirm with another test, and according to the rights of the individual, we accompaniment,” he added .

Confirmatory testing is performed at IMSS, ISSSTE, or the Guanajuato Health System, and if the presence of HIV infection or hepatitis C is confirmed, the course of medical care and treatment begins.

Appointments will be available this Wednesday at the following locations: ludo condoms From 12 to 6 p.m. and on Thursday, September 7 at 39 Calle Alonso, in the center of the capital of Guanajuato City Hall 9:30 am to 3:30 pm; it should be noted that these tests are confidential, free and voluntary.

Currently, the Guanajuato Health System provides medical care and treatment to 3,337 HIV patients through three CAPASITS located in León, Celaya and Irapuato, with 63,259 sessions conducted between January and August this year HIV testing.

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