They launched the Medicine career in Bariloche

Some 60 students will enter the Medicine career at the National University of Río Negro next year in Bariloche. It is the second public university that will dictate this career in Patagonia and one of the 23 in the whole country.

«It was the hardest race to create. The most complex thing was to obtain the Coneau accreditation and we have already achieved it. We also train 100 potential teachers«, Stressed Diego Aguiar, vice-rector of the Andean headquarters of the National University of Río Negro, during the launch of the race at the Nevada hotel.

During his presentation, he stressed that annually, About 3,700 doctors graduate in Argentina, but only 70% returns to their cities once they have been received.

“This new academic offer builds a city profile, together with the Master’s in Medical Physics from the Balseiro Institute, the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the Universidad del Comahue and the Intecnus Foundation,” Aguiar added.

Registration for the career is now open and there will be a quota linked “to the teaching modality and the teaching staff.” They highlighted that, as it is a “personalized career with groups of 50 students per year,” there will be a pre-university course that will be divided into three stages.

For the initial cycle of the race, they are foreseen between 70 and 80 teachers of all specialties of medicine but also from the social sciences.

Pedro Silberman, national director of Human Talent of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, participated in the event. He said that back in 2012, dozens of doctors met in Tucumán where a study was presented that found that 54% of those admitted to Medicine did not live where the degree was dictated. And very few ended up returning to their place of origin since they chose to stay in the big cities.

“So there are places with few professionals but there is also a lack of specialists for critical health care. We saw it during the pandemic. Of the 170 thousand doctors in the country, only 8% were trained for Covid care“Silberman said, adding that only the provinces of Santa Cruz, Catamarca and Misiones will not have Medicine degrees.

Anselmo Torres, the rector of the National University of Río Negro, stressed that in the 13 years of the institution’s life they already have “the most expensive careers in the system.” “From Río Colorado down, we already have Veterinary Medicine, Architecture and now Medicine,” he warned.

During the launch, Governor Arabela Carreras assured that the contact of future professionals with patients will be guaranteed even in the initial stages of training. In this sense, he stressed that the work to expand the Ramón Carrillo hospital is progressing, where students can be included. “10,000 covered meters is being added to the original building. The building that had been left as an unfinished project has been refurbished again. The completion period is two years and is going at a good pace“, he pointed.

He stressed that the modular hospital provided by the national government was added in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. “With Juan Carlos Del Bello we had thought of annexing another construction at kilometer 8 to provide classrooms, infrastructure for classes,” he said.

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