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They manage to partially bypass the Ethereum Hash Rate on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 LHR

Nvidia announced in mid-May the relaunch of almost its entire series of GPUs Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 under the tagline LHR (Low Hash Rate), that is, some models that offered exactly the same performance in gaming or applications, but which limited Ethereum mining Hash Rate by 50%, thus seeking to encourage miners to purchase GPUs Nvidia CMP focused on mining, instead of the Nvidia GeForce RTX, which are the gaming series.

Now, three months later, we know that the software tool NBMiner has managed to partially overcome the protection that Nvidia added to its GPUs, and it is that through this simple tool, now LHR GPUs, instead of offering 50% performance compared to the original GPUs, will now be able to offer up to 70% of this performance, that is, an improvement of up to 20%. It may seem like little, but if you multiply this performance improvement for 50,000 GPUsWell, the truth is that the increase in earnings is quite noticeable.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 LHR with NBMiner

NBMiner update does not unlock full chip performance with LHR GPUs. Instead, it offers an adjustable value that determines the maximum unlockable Hash Rate for a specific GPU. Developer suggests using 68%, which means that the GPU will offer an 18% performance improvement in Ethereum mining using the ethash algorithm exclusively (no other algorithm is currently supported).

Although 68% -70% is still not as good as the mining performance of the original Ampere RTX 30, it is definitely much better than 50%. Possibly enough to convince some miners that they can checkoutSince these GPUs are much cheaper than CMPs and cost-effectiveness has been improved. Now there is the question of whether the NBMiner will gradually increase the Hash Rate over time.

via: Videocardz

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