They mocked Lionel Messi: Atlanta United issued strong and provocative message after win over Inter Miami

This Saturday, Inter Miami loses 2-5 to Atlanta United And ended his good record. In this game, Lionel Messi not called up Able to recover in the best possible way from the discomfort he suffered with the Argentina national team. despite this, Rio became the center of ridicule from Atlanta United, who sent him a provocative message on the club’s official account..

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In the preview, the uncertainty over Messi’s availability was the main focus. Leo himself confirmed this, posting a story about eating Argentinian pizza in Miami on Friday night.

After the game is over, the account Twitter spanish from Atlanta United uses this photo to mock Florida and Lionel Messi. “This is your pizza for this trip,” they wrote, along with a picture of a modified pizza uploaded by Leo, with Neapolitan tomatoes forming an L shape..

Atlanta United teased Lionel Messi after victory over Inter Miami. (Photo: Capture)

The article naturally went viral and caused an absolute sensation. While Atlanta United fans were happy about the situation, the vast majority of users exploded with anger and posted negative comments on Twitter.

As if that wasn’t enough, to announce the end of the game, they also pointed out Leo’s absence with a strong message. The post read: “Someone ordered a pizza…three points” and “Next time bring the whole team.”.

Atlanta United teased Lionel Messi after victory over Inter Miami. (Photo: Capture)

Fans also target Lionel Messi

There is no doubt that the news of Messi’s absence from Inter Miami’s game against Atlanta United has mobilized all fans. Fans spent thousands of dollars to see the Argentinian star but were sorely disappointed.

So during Arizona’s win, They asked in a mocking tone where Messi was (“Where’s Messi”) for the Florida franchise.

Atlanta United fans make fun of Messi after victory over Inter Miami. (Video: @M30Xtra)

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