They offer free work and home in Spain: how to apply and what are the requirements

The town of Griegos has almost 200 inhabitants and to alleviate this scourge of lack of labor, offers a job position and free rental possibilities for several months.

Griegos began a campaign in July with the proposal that initially extends for three months for a family to be elected. Initially, there were two positions to fill, but one of the vacancies was already taken in August.

“Do you like mountain and charming villages? Are you attracted to the rural world? Are you tired of the city? Are you looking for a more familiar environment to raise your children?”, Says the message.

And they continue the idea of ​​tempting with more questions: “Do you have a partner and children and are you tired of looking for work? Do you want to know the second highest town in Spain …? If your answer is yes to any of the previous questions … . This ad is for you, “says the message.

“We are waiting for you in Griegos, one of the wonderful villages of the Sierra de Albarracín, which continues to fight against rural depopulation, ”added the authorities. But it is not for everyone, given that there is a fundamental requirement to apply: having children of school age. The need to keep the school running was what ended up driving the idea. The thing is at present it has only nine students, in a town with 132 registered inhabitants.

They also explain from Greeks that if they manage to have 12 students, the student body could even be divided into two classrooms. Thus, the available places are not many.

What does the town hall offer?

The proposal of the Municipality of Greeks includes three months’ rent for free, and then a monthly payment of 225 euros.

But there is an incentive that goes hand in hand with the objective pursued: a discount of 50 euros for each school-age child. Which means that a family with two children would pay just 125 euros in rent from the fourth month. The work offered is very cutting edge and the alternatives are tempting for those seeking new horizons.

“We offer you work in the kitchen and restaurant for you and your partner in the Paladar de Aragón, located in the Muela de San Juan “, they explained although there was also a vacant position in the local hostel, which has already been taken.

There is also the chance to work remotely for those who want to keep their job: “If you are one of those who work from home … You can telework with fiber and make use of our coworking,” they add.

Thousands of requests

After the ad appearance at least 3,000 applications were received. From destinations in Spain, of course, but Latin American countries were not lacking.

Given the overwhelming arrival of requests from interested parties, and to work with the tranquility that characterizes the town, they urged to send their applications through a video to the local WhatsApp number that appears in the video (618540361).

How to apply?

There are what to present a video in which the family itself explains their situation, professional curriculum and all the convenient information so that later they carry out the selection.

The Griegos City Council would have requested 150,000 euros from the cooperation fund to rehabilitate the hostal municipal and renovate the furniture. The intention of Mayor Salvador Gil, he remarked, has to do with improving the building “to make it more attractive, both for the client and for potential managers.”
Beyond the fact that the initial offer is only for three families, they plan to increase more people with the profiles that fit the needs of the people. In that sense, they pointed out that the objective would also be “to cover jobs that are missing in the middle rural, such as bricklayers, electricians, plumbers or shepherds, “added the mayor, as published Chronicle.

Manuel Rando, president of the Teruel Provincial Council, was forceful in his statement: “More and more people are betting on another way of life. “

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