They offer high-priced drugs to hepatitis C patients

The Department of Public Health’s Directorate of Access to Highly Expensive Medicines (Damac) reported that over the past two years it has provided treatment to more than 1,827 people with hepatitis C through government investment. 586 million pesos.

Marking World Hepatitis Day this Friday, the head of the entity, Karen Cepeda, explained that they provided the drug to 1,482 people in 2022 to treat the disease and so far this year they have provided it to more than 342 people took this drug.

These beneficiaries, he stressed, are some of the more than 16,540 chronically ill patients who regularly receive high-cost medications, a program the government has budgeted to triple to $8 billion in 2023.

He explained that each hepatitis C patient takes three months of medication to cure the condition, as directed by experts. He noted that the drugs are worth P321,132 and that they have invested US$586 billion in treating 1,827 beneficiaries in the past two years.

Cepeda urged citizens to see a specialist if they experienced symptoms such as yellowing of the eyes and skin, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Gastroenterology specialist Pascal Núñez Ramírez explained that in order to prevent hepatitis C, it is important to properly sterilize reusable instruments, such as those used in dentistry, as well as those used by manicurists, Instrument used by podiatrists and tattoo artists. But he also said that things that are not reusable, like needles, should be replaced.

Doctors recommend that people undergo pathological examinations frequently, so that once they are discovered, they can take timely action to avoid liver damage.

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