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The death of Argentine lecturer Daniel Cipolat occurred last September as a result of a head injury. The incident occurred in the city of Cancun, Mexico and now the local prosecutor’s office ordered the arrest of his assistant whose trace was lost two months ago.

The victim was 60, lived in Mexico for a decade, and gave lectures on cosmic energies. He had many followers in networks under the name of “Dandelion” where he published in one of his last posts that he had contracted the Delta variant of coronavirus, said the Telam Agency.

“This time it was my turn. I tested positive for Covid-19 Delta variant. What can I tell you? There watching the body to see what it does. For now, he does not respond to any medication, he continues his tremendously debilitating and annoying process. I am not afraid, I am open to any outcome and what should be ”.

At the beginning of September a statement announcing his death was published on his Facebook account: “Daniel, our teacher and guide, was reborn again today in the fullness and integration of light. To be reborn, because he always taught us that “being born” in this life was actually dying and “dying”, in reality, it was being born in a plane in which we are completely integrated in the light, without the density of the body … just like Daniel and Dandelion right now, ”reads a section of the post.

His family contacted his assistant and on September 13 his son traveled from the Federal District to Cancun to learn about what had happened to him with his father. According to her, the woman told her that her father was buried in the garden after dying from an illness, said Télam.

According to the autopsy, which took place 9 days later, “Cipolat died at approximately 7.25 am on September 6 from head trauma, that is, from forceful blows to the area of ​​the head,” said the Agency. It was reported that “his body had various fractures in the abdominal area and no injuries were observed in the lungs and heart”, so they ruled out that death had been caused by Covid-19 as suggested by his assistant in the latest publications he made on Facebook, said Télam.

Two complaints have been filed for his death: one of Cipolat’s son, Nicolás, for the “criminal act of undue burial”; and another by lawyer Jesús Othon Baca Cacho, legal representative of the victim’s family, for “qualified homicide” against Linda Uribe, with the alleged complicity of doctor Francisco Mendiola Franco, the Agency explained.

“There are important advances as a result of the complaint filed for the crime of homicide,” said the relatives of the victim. “Progress is still being made in specific rulings to delve into the characteristics of the injuries and objects that could be used by the perpetrators who participated in the murder of Daniel Cipolat as well as the probable accomplices,” says a statement.

In addition, it adds: “The initial investigation is close to being concluded and we trust that the State Attorney General, as well as the Public Ministries in charge, will carry out their work with ethics, objectivity and professionalism.”

Cipolat’s relatives affirmed, on the other hand, that they recovered the lecturer’s bank codes and their social networks, which may be relevant when reconstructing the event, said Télam.

Capture order

The arrest warrant issued by the prosecution was issued against Sandra Linda Uribe Esquivel, who was Cipolat’s assistant. The woman, a native of the state of Michoacán, was last seen at the El Ramonal complex owned by the victim, the agency said.

“As far as we know, Uribe has not left Mexico, but in any case his red card has already been requested from the international police. We will appreciate that, if anyone knows anything about her whereabouts or about any reliable information that leads to the capture of the main person responsible, they inform the attorney general of the State of Quintana Roo, “the Cipolat family said in a statement to which Telam agreed.

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