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Montehermoso’s Spring Festival is approaching, one of the most anticipated events for young people in Bahia and the region.

For three days from September 22 to 24, the spa will be packed with people, events, nightlife and concerts.

Many Bahia residents own houses or apartments, and the costs will be much lower than those who don’t. And, you also have to consider transfers.

As for the latter, a one-way bus ticket to Monte this week will cost at least $4,000, but reservations will be accepted starting on the 14th, they told wet wipes From Fett Corporation. Their contact number is 2921481611. By bus, via the Cóndor-La Estrella company, there are infrequent departures and the fare is US$3,350.

If driving, taking into account 107 kilometers and using a gasoline car that consumes 10 liters per 100 units, the cost is about $3,000.

Regarding accommodation, most owners and real estate agencies rent for at least 3 days.

A small apartment with basic services costs about $30,000. Two-bedrooms can reach $50,000. A larger house with ample capacity and amenities would be worth about $70,000. There are also some higher-end properties along the beach line with prices in excess of $90,000.

History of the National Spring Festival in Montehermoso


Three national shows have been confirmed for the 29th edition of the event: FMK on Saturday and Santiago Motorizado and Cruzando el Charco on Sunday.

The organization also announced the addition of former striker Daniel Osvaldo’s band Bahienses Soldadores sin Careta and Barrio Viejo.

There will also be freestyle competitions, food terraces and artisan walks.

FMK: Trap singer and songwriter born in Necochea in 2000. He started writing poetry at the age of 9 and in 2010 he participated in a national literary competition called “Leopoldo Lugones”, which paved the way for him as an improvisational composer.

San Diego Mobile: Singer of El Mató a Un Police Motorizado, a band that performs this Friday in Bahia and combines punk rock with noise rock and noise pop, with intensely distorted guitar sounds in the foreground.

across the pond: a band born in La Plata in 2012 that blends rock with candombe, cumbia, reggaeton, pop and funk.

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