They plead for financial support for a seriously ill hospitalized Televisa actor

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The entertainment world is once again in suspense as a well-known actor in the soap opera world is seriously hospitalized.

this is an argentinian actor living in mexico Roberto DamicoAccording to information posted on various social networks, he was hospitalized with COVID-19, pneumonia and a urinary tract infection.

actress susan alexander He asks on social networks for financial support for actors of soap operas such as “Fuego en la Sangre”, “Mi camino es amarte” and “Esmeralda”, because the number of accounts is constantly increasing and without the support of an ANDA.

Actor Roberto D’Amico is hospitalized.

The actress wrote: “I dare to ask you to support my friend Mr. Roberto D’Amico who is facing a serious health crisis. If you can help us in any way you can, I will be forever grateful. “

They also shared a post which read: “It all adds up. Let’s help actor Roberto D’Amico who has COVID-19, pneumonia and a severe UTI , is being treated at Obregón Hospital in a very delicate condition.”

“Hospital bills are going up, he has no insurance and no help from ANDA. Any donation is welcome, anonymous or not. Much appreciated,” it read.

Actress Susana Alexander is designing collections for celebrities.

What happened to the ANDA and the actor’s insurance?

Based on comments from reviewers Gustavo Adolfo InfanteOn April 29, the National Actors Association decided through a general meeting to suspend the provision of medical services to the beneficiaries of the partners for one year due to the crisis.

Also, the hospital where the celebrities are treated has changed, as it used to be Star Medica and they are currently being treated at the Obregón Hospital.

in terms of actors Humberto Elizondo He mentioned: “A lot of money is owed because a lot of money has been stolen, there has been serious embezzlement and a very serious problem, and if there is no money, the service providers, the hospitals, the pharmacies, the doctors, they can’t provide the services.” . ”

Roberto Damico He’s not the only actor facing a crisis due to a lack of support within ANDA, as Rosita Pelayo, like him, is raising money to be able to pay for surgery for a detected colon cancer.

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