They plead to support baby Elias; research that costs 15,000 pesos

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Monterey.- Relatives of Elias Lizamar García, one year and nine months old, have asked for public support so that medical research on the minor can be carried out.

The little guy admitted to the university hospital needs to be co-tested for acute leukemia.

A family member of the child told ABC News they needed 15,000 pesos, which Elias’ parents could not afford.

User Judith Hernández pointed out via her social networks that the little one has had many health complications since birth.

“Those of us mothers of premature babies know that our babies are more vulnerable to illness and defenseless, unfortunately baby Elias is currently hospitalized and is considered *serious*.

“He’s relapsed and needs some studies that cost over 6,000 pesos and they want to rule out a disease called *leukemia* as soon as possible. They detected pneumonia again and he has a very large liver. I sincerely hope that if She will appreciate your ability to support her mum because she is a single mum with no steady job and her child is in the hospital.”

If you would like to provide support, you can do so on the account below on behalf of Magaly Martínez.

Banorte accounts: 41-89-14-30-55-84-10-04.

What is the use of the acute leukemia test panel?

The panel includes tests that characterize patients diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) into one of three risk groups (favorable, intermediate, or unfavorable); it provides prognostic information and may better guide patient treatment .

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