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They point out abuse of Photoshop in the photo of Harry and Meghan in the magazine and there is controversy – Eme – 09/17/2021

It had been a long time since dukes of sussex They did not appear together in public and the photo of both for the cover of Time magazine is the image that many have been waiting for.

What attracted the most attention was not the ranking of the note but the excessive digital retouching of the photo of Harry and Meghan. The actress appears with her hair in the wind, worthy of a princess of Disney due to the amount of hair that seems to multiply on his shoulders, generating the feeling that the duchess his torso and back are wider than usual.

With her in the foreground, without a single wrinkle on her face and her eyes so bright they seem transparent, Harry he sits behind, dressed in black, in an incomprehensible pose: it is not known if he is falling or is simply sitting and hiding behind his wife. More red than ever, the grandson of Isabel II it seems to have the head floating due to the disproportion that has remained with respect to the body.

Meghan and Harry on the cover of Time magazine
Meghan and Harry on the cover of Time magazine

Comments on social media soon appeared to criticize the use of Photoshop both in the cover image and in the interiors, where the retouching reappears, for example, in the head of Harry who seems to have suddenly grown hair on the crown. One Twitter user commented: “Beautiful photos, but both look computer-generated.” Thousands more compared the cover photo of Time with the promotional poster for the movie Twilight.

meghan markle and prince harry in time magazine
Photo: Time Magazine

The location of Harry, crouched behind Markle, also led to memes and jokes. In a post on the bird’s social network, a user compared the composition of the photo with a typical scene from the hairdresser: “Look Meghan, I made you a divine cut, it has more volume and I made you some incredible layers. Harry, Barber”.

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