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The scandal in the Paris saint germain, after a violent aggression he suffered Kheira Hamraoui the night of November 4, added a new chapter. It is that after the decision of the Police to release Aminata Diallo, Hamraoui’s companion, and Whoever was pointed out by the press as the main suspect in the violent beating, the investigation continued its course and now took a completely unexpected turn.

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Investigators rushed Diallo from center stage and began to follow the thread of another possible clue that could lead them to the perpetrator of the attack. In the latter, a new name emerged in the investigation and it would be Hayet Abidal, the partner of Eric Abidal, former player and former sports director of Barcelona.

As published by the newspaper Le Monde this Monday, the clue emerged after the special team of the Police register the victim’s cell phone and detect a call made from that phone, days after the violent episode, to a line under Abidal’s name.

They arrested a PSG player for alleged attack on a teammate

They arrested a PSG player for alleged attack on a teammate

Access to the calls that the French player made and received, as well as the same statement from Diallo, who detailed alleged threats from Abidal’s wife’s environment in the past, changed the course of the investigation. In fact, according to L’Equipe, Hamraoui herself would have called Abidal to ask if his wife could have been responsible for the attack. According to the French media, the response of the former full-back was negative.

What would be the motive?

According to French media, the former FC Barcelona side He would have had a love relationship with Hamraoui between 2018 and 2020. At that time, the midfielder was part of the Barsa squad and he was the club’s sports director. Therefore, it is not ruled out that Abidal himself must appear in the courts of Versailles to testify.

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“If my client must be summoned because his name is mentioned in the file, he will present himself spontaneously and answer all the questions asked of him”, said Olivier Martin, Abidal’s lawyer, in statements with Le Parisien, In addition, he assured: “He is not related in any way directly or indirectly to the attack on Ms. Hamraoui.”

On the other hand, he expressed that his client was not summoned to testify, although he soon believes that he will do so as a witness and does not rule out that his wife, Hayet Abidal, should also do so. Although, he made it clear that this is only “One track among others.”

Kheira Hamraoui the attacked PSG player

Kheira Hamraoui the attacked PSG player

As Le Parisien reconstructs, it would have been Diallo herself who would have incited the Police to follow this lead. As detailed, the French player, Hamraoui’s partner, said a series of anonymous text messages were sent to different French players since they returned to Hamraoui’s club during the last European summer. In these warnings it was ensured that the soccer player of the French team was dating “married men from the world of football.”

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And this weekend, two members of the campus, who were with Hamraoui at the time of the attack, declared that one of the hooded men yelled at him: “So we sleep with married men?”

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The word of Diallo’s lawyer

“It is regrettable that Ms. Diallo was arrested in this way, when she could have responded to a subpoena for a free hearing and not be subject to a restraining measure. Furthermore, Ms Aminata Diallo deplores the perfectly artificial staging of a rivalry between her and Ms Kheira Hamraoui that would justify her attack on her teammate. This theory does not correspond to the true nature of their relationship, “said Mourad Battikh.

“She collaborated with the agents of the Judicial Police, either in the search, the exploitation of their telephones … Nothing was found that implicated Mrs. Diallo. She is a young woman who leads an exemplary life on and off the pitch, who has struggled all her life to get where she is today. What happens to him is still very damaging. I would like to take this opportunity to say very firmly that you are now being exonerated and that it is time for you to go back to work, to do what you do best; that is to say, playing on the field, helping the team to win games, titles, and maybe being selected for the France team ”.

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The moment of the attack and the reasons why they had targeted Diallo

As detailed by the newspaper L’Equipe, it all started on November 4, after a dinner organized by PSG at the Bois de Boulogne restaurant in Paris. That night, Hamraoui and another player were driving home in a car driven by Diallo. “Around 10:30 pm, near his house, while he was still in the car, he saw two strangers appear, their faces masked with ski masks ”, a relative of the victim told the French media.

The attackers opened the car door, one of them managed to remove Hamraoui, who she was repeatedly savagely beaten with an iron bar, mainly in the area of ​​her legs. After several minutes, they finally fled.

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Following the violent attack, the 31-year-old footballer was rushed to Possy hospital and received stitches on her legs and hands. Given the striking fact, the Police began to investigate to clarify the case and there was a detail that caught the attention of the investigators: the two assailants did not attempt to assault Hamraoui, but instead went directly to hit her.

It was then that they began to suspect that Diallo, who was driving the car, could be involved. Thus, in full investigation, the Police detained Diallo to take a statement from him and try to understand whether or not he was related to what happened.

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The connection the researchers made was no accident. As detailed by L’Equipe at that time, There was an internal rivalry between them, not only at PSG, but also in the French team. The Police suspected that he could have hired two people to attack Hamraoui and thus inherit ownership in the Parisian team.

Both are containment fliers, so they occupy the same position and Diallo is usually the replacement for his partner. In fact, He started in the 4-0 win against Real Madrid for the Champions League, in the first game that Hamraoui missed after the attack.

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Furthermore, lIn the absence of his partner in the 11th PSG starter, it could also allow Diallo to show himself to try to consolidate himself in the France team for the 2023 World Cup. It should be noted that Diallo was called up by Corinne Deacon to replace Hamraoui – at that time the victim of a minor injury – in the last two games France played in the Qualifiers.

Kheira Hamraoui.

Kheira Hamraoui.

“There is nothing villainous in this assault, since nothing was stolen from the two young women who were in this car at the time of the events. One of the attackers attacked Kheira Hamraoui, at the height of his legs, as if he wanted to prevent her from practicing her profession for a while. The track of an internal rivalry within PSG is notably explored ”, a source of the case had warned in dialogue with L’Equipe.

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