They publish the profile photo of Lionel Messi on WhatsApp: the historic moments he chooses and the people who accompany him

They reveal Lionel Messi’s WhatsApp profile photo

Until this Monday, only those lucky ones who have been scheduled Lionel Messi Can they know what pictures he has on him? WhatsApp The best football player in the world.The thing is Thomas MasseyThe nephew of the captain of the world champion Argentina team, showed the images his uncle used to identify himself in the communication channels used today. This is a postcard with his family that sums up the sporting career of the 36-year-old athlete from Rosario, as it refers to the peak moments. The news caused a stir on social media.

Tommy I was asked what photos my uncle used during interviews. Abit Communications He sent out signals as he searched for contacts, being careful not to display the number. When the show host told him the photo had to be on the court and have one of his many trophies on it, he opened it and nodded. One of them joked “It shouldn’t be in a bowling alley.”

The young man is right, this is a photo taken after the national team was consecrated qatar world cup 2022. This is the iconic image Messi uses for his New Year greetings.This is the postcard after the free throw. France On Monday marking nine months of the historic final: Leo and his wife together, Antonella Roccuzzoand his three children, Thiago Ciro and Matthew. The “World Cup Best Player” trophy appeared next to them, and they seemed full of happiness.

In its fifth world cup Messi’s long-awaited revenge finally arrived, and he was finally able to realize his ultimate sports dream. It was in the final that he scored two goals and did a job well done.In that game, the team led by Lionel Scaloni He went from low to high, heading towards a crowning in the Middle East after an initial 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia.

This is Messi’s WhatsApp profile picture.It is posted on his Instagram account (@leomessi)

And Thomas has expressed his close relationship with Leo.In an interview with a program some time ago, perfect turn via social networks TwitterMathias’ son, the second of the footballer’s three brothers, tells what the best gift the footballer has ever given him. inter miami: “The group he took to my 18th birthday party.”

At the celebration, he recalled, “They took me to Los Palmeiras to surprise me, which was crazy. “Fe Palacio and Damas Free were also there. ” That time he also became the accomplice of the best player in the world. “I didn’t know anything, but there were rumors that Los Palmeiras was there, and then Leo came and took me somewhere else. , so they set the stage. This is a gift shared by the whole family. ” said the 20-year-old.

Leo Messi usually shows a close relationship with his family, traveling to Rosario whenever he can to spend the end-of-year holidays and celebrate other gatherings with his loved ones.Holidays in the city of Santa Fe are a classic choice flea.

After Messi missed this Saturday’s game, Inter Miami beats Atlanta United 5-2 End date 32 Major League Soccer (Major League Soccer) will return on Wednesday (8:30 p.m.) with his team taking home a toronto football club.for heron A return to winning is necessary to keep playoff aspirations alive.They are 12 points behind the last team to reach the knockout stages today Nashville, South Carolina Seven points behind D.C. United and finally clinched a play-off ticket.They have seven games left to complete the regular season due to their rivalry charlotte football clubHe is waiting for his 27th game since he played in and won the final that weekend League Cupalso about Nashville, South Carolina.

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