They raised the issue of improper cosmetic treatment with a doctor in La Plata

They raised the issue of improper cosmetic treatment with a doctor in La Plata

Prosecutor Fernando Padovan investigates the case and asks a doctor from La Plata to be tried for medical malpractice / Same day

In the framework of an aesthetic intervention for a physical education teacher from La Plata, she went to her trusted doctor (identified in the judicial proceedings as AVS) and underwent a procedure called “hydroxylation” and Treatment of “Gluteal Muscles”, which is a method to prevent sagging and cellulite. Prosecutor Fernando Padovan, head of UFI No. 12 in our city, investigated the incident based on the patient’s complaint and decided to request that the case be brought to trial , because knowledge of the injury suffered by the victim is closely related to the alleged professional negligence according to Article 94 of the Criminal Code.

“…a study of evidence collected in the records and documentary evidence demonstrates that the professional used at least one chemical called “hydroxybenzene” or “phenol” on his body to prevent laxity and cellulite, no prior studies have been performed or required, in addition, this product has not been authorized by national or international organizations (Anmat, FDA, European Economic Community and Mercosur GTMC Resolution 62/14), emphasizing that the United Nations Category 6.1 toxic substances,” he noted in the resolution.

“As a result, the victim suffered various injuries, both physical and mental, and although she again sought help from a beautician because she was constantly in pain, she minimized her symptoms and did not undergo any type of health check-up,” the official document added. , “He said this was normal and instructed him to continue with complementary treatments including injections. “

For Padovan, “because he did not receive responses from those who did not answer his calls at the time, and during the pandemic, victims were forced to accept their fate and had to turn to other health professionals, they showed Different studies and treatments were developed as a result of cosmetic treatments, the consequences of which still exist today.”

The prosecutor argued that “the attending physician’s conduct showed negligence and was inconsistent with her duty of care required of her as a guarantor of the patient’s health and failed to comply with the norms governing the rules of the field.” … Cure, because if he had acted with caution, the derogatory result would have been avoidable. A forensic investigation by the Attorney General’s Office supports reports from medical experts that the medical practice violated the law and that hydroxybenzene or phenol is not approved for medical use and is not suitable for use in humans, despite its use in cosmetic treatments. It’s already widespread, but that doesn’t mean it’s legally approved. “

He also noted that the substance “cannot be taken or injected” and that “it is used in the chemical industry to make paint.”

The request states that in statements received by the court, the victim “said she suffered from severe sweating, body inflammation, pyogranuloma, hair loss, oral bleeding, eczema and red stretch marks, varicose veins, keloids, and fluid in the liver. , hemorrhoids, and spinal dehydration.”

He also said that “he must follow a gluten-free diet and must cease his professional activities.”

Finally, Padovan values ​​“the role played by organizational and planning professionals that sufficiently interferes with the functional scope of the clinic where treatment is carried out, the nature of the action – the failure to adopt the legally prescribed guidelines for care and prevention17,132, which regulate the activities of physicians and The extent of the damage caused (granulomas causing pain and inflammation, pathologies associated with the presence of hydroxybenzene in blood, stool and urine, toxic effects).

Notably, the interventionist’s defenders opposed the indictment and asked that it be dismissed.

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